2011-Sep-12 minutes

David, Jennifer, Bill, George, Kay, Ann. September 12, 2011 Burrell CAL FIRE Station Open at 19:09

Meeting minutes from the August meeting are accepted as read. Motioned by George seconded by Bill agreed. Deferred Treasurer's Report as Bill.

Bill provided the Treasurer's Report:

Closed out account with a balance of $1753.75 Closed out account with Verizon for phone.

Balances as of October Meeting: $1758.75 balance as of last treasurer's report $1758.75 balance as of today

Club Dues - $25.00 individual $30.00 family

Equipment Status

Discussion about coax seal on the repeater cable, along with repeater repair. Is existing length enough, do we need to raise the mast another 10 feet. George is going to measure how much line we need + 15 feet extension if needed. KC6TYG repeater is back up and operational.

Concern surrounding possible move of AB6VS repeater.

Net control operators for September 2011 - Thank you to those who have volunteered!

9/13 Who else 9/20 AE6KE George 9/27 N2RDU Jennifer w/county net


Looking for someone to help out with ARES coordination - We do not have AEC. Any volunteers?

New business:

No nominations because of no nominating committee formed, therefore, we have no slated nominees. Due to this, the club is in danger of folding as of January 1, 2012.

Survey Responses: (Survey Summary here)

12 people responded to survey

Work with CERT and MERT as an adjunct group? We need to consider evaluating what a successful membership drive would look like, Reach out with other groups for interacting both socially and training. More training of core competency this group is looking to have training with ARES.

Any existing coordination between CERT, MERT and LPARC? Informally, David, Bill and George. Looking to establish training with CERT and LPARC - Email to Kathi to get involvement from CERT. Communication - Activated through EOC - MERT is able to self activate or activated by Red Cross CERT is activated by the Fire Departments.

CERT - Questions? Joint Meeting? Learn more about the relationship with Volunteer Fire Department and LPARC (expectations during emergency)

Discussion to make HAM radio more interesting to others and gain more members. Perhaps to pull a list of all HAMs in the 95033 95030 95073.

A question was asked about what happens if the repeater site is sold. If the repeater site is sold, All club equipment at the site would need to be gathered.

PACIFICON is in Santa Clara this year in October. Perhaps we can find something for the group to do.

Old business: Mountain Resident Night Out - club participated and a good time was had by all.


Austin offered he will do some training going forward. VCN - Volunteer Communicator Network - Legacy Strategies Can't Help Us. David read the page of information.

Are our members trained in ICS? Do we keep track? People can take ICS on line. Suggested as a interesting read, Bowling Alone. Discussion about decline in volunteerism. Are people only looking for "getting" something out of it.

Santa Clara County does work hard to train communicators and they have invited us to participate. Please look at site for information and preparedness checklists, etc...

The group needs to decide what level of training the organization should pursue.

Need Volunteers:

Nominating committee - no committee. Board Appointment for VP - still need to fill. Board Member - Role besides four officers - unfilled positions are no appointed by the board. Looking for a liaison to the Santa Cruz County and Santa Clara County Emergency Coordinator.

Next Meeting October 3, 2011. Motion to adjourn by George and Bill. Meeting closed at 20:04.

2011 LPARC Officers David Katinsky - President ***vacant***- Vice President Jennifer Katinsky - Secretary Bill Rose - Treasurer