2021-Jan-07 minutes

LPARC Meeting Minutes 1/7/2021

Meeting held via WebEx

meetiing called to order 19:05


KM6JUO Penny call in user 1


KD6SEI Kathy call in user 4


KM6MBA Bert call in user 3

AC6E Mike

KE6QZJ Scott

KM6ZWR Jack Saratoga

Motion to approve last weeks meeting minutes approved.

Net assignments:


01/12 Bert

01/19 Dan

01/26 Pam

02/02 Penny

Treasurer's Report:

Working on getting the signatures transferred on the checking account.

Equipment Report:

Bert report AE6KE working well

KC6TYG working well. Mike and Bert got the power system in place for when we include the link.

AB6VU was attacked by rodent's were ripped up. The system is up and operating. The link

transciever receive from AE6KE. AB6vu to ae6ke will incure a reset being asserterted.

Once the 218 for KC6TYG up and running, we will duplicate this on the KC6TYG repeater the sam

as KC6TYP. This would produce two identical setups and reduce future maintenance.

We will need to verify the KC6TYG 281 tranceiver modification works.

President's Report:

Penny is collecting dues. Some members are still behind. Call to arrange

payment with Penny.

Penny will update the club roster with the new members.

Current club address at 23800 Summit Road with Loma Prieta Foundation

based on our liability insurance. We have been using their address when we were

sharing that location for our Emergency Operation Center (EOC).

George Smith is the contact for the Loma Prieta Foundations who was involved originally

setting this up. We should contact George so he is current on the address situation.

Action item 1): Contact George Smith

Do we want to designate members to checkin with the Santa Clara SVECs weekly packet net.

One of the objectives of the club is to train members on packet.

Do we want to have a sign-up for the club to have a packet check-in?

We can discuss this again next month.

Do we need to come up with a process for the checkin?

Santa Clara is setup assuming members have packet capability at their house.

How many of our members have packet setups?

We could start with the Santa Cruz

Bert will be receiving that 2021 DSW stickers for those who are registered

DSW workings.

Penny want to know if everyone is committed to commited to becom Level 1

A.R.E.S. operators. The level is dependent on what courses one has taken

and hands-on skill tests.

Bert had previously handed out a training booklet that explains the requirements

for level 1 through level 3.

Action Item: Dan to add ARRL book pointer on LPARC web site to detail the requirements.

Year in Review:

Jan: We decided to focus more on supporting Santa Cruz County

Pam had suggested club Tshirts, but nothing finalized.

Weekly net held on KC6TYG repeater.

Feb: AB6VU repeater update

We were trying to sell donated items at ham flea market, but changes were made due to Covid19

We made ~$500 using alternative methods with a lot of effort from Penny.

Bert worked with Santa Cruz to help setup new requirements for volunteer hams.

Feb 22 we had an EOC exercise before the COVID19 restrictions

Vince renewed the AE6KE coordination status

April monthly meeting was held on KC6TYG repeater

May: we held the monthly meeting on KC6TYG repeater

Discussed about linking KC6TYG into our other repeater.

June: Montly meeting on WebEx.

Mike built a cabinet for the repeater.

Pam worked with Los Gatos / Monte Sereno to help them get messages over the mountain.

July: AE6KE repairs completed by Bert and Mike

The Katinski's left to North Carolina

We need a new liason to Loma Prieta Foundation.

Mike will give Penny a hand with this.

July: We participated in all county exercise to fill in at a 911 reporting station

Augusts: Costing out repeater linking upgrade.

ARES Power Shutoff #2

Began considering getting a grant to link the KC6TYG repeater which was eventually granted

CZU Fires support: We had real emergeny support experience.

September: All three repeaters were working well

Bert completed cost estimates for the repeater linking upgrage.

Oct: Bert presented repeater linking update plan for the upgrade.

Nov Dan, Bert, and Mike bought the update components for the KC6TYG linking.

Dec: Nominations for new office positions

New officers were elected.

Loma Prieta agreed to support our entire repeater linking upgrade (~$1200).

We had an exercise to find different locations in the hills.

Pam got her Extra ham license this year plus other classes.

She is working on getting her level 2 qualification.

Upcoming Events / Activities:

We are looking at having a arm-chair exercises to test our various

repeaters and getting experience filling out the proper ICS forms.

Thursdays WB6ECE at 7:30 there are message passing classes.

There is a General Level class starting the 10th of January.

People interested should contact the Santa Cruz EC (John).

This is six weeks for 2 hours every Monday.

Jan 10th: Santa Cruz is having another exercise driving around and finding various sites.

New Business:


Old Business:

Did BERT find any information on where we could setup stations for a PGE PSPS 911 reporting station?

Bert told us that the location would be dynamically assigned as needed.

Goals for 2021:

1) Contiue to emphasize working with XCZ

2) Have our members achieve level 1 operators (level 2 preferred)

3) Assess each other's training

4) Have more members familiar with our EOC

5) Put together some packet training to get our people familiar with packet.

6) Get all three repeaters linked together.

$1270 was the total cost of the repeater.

$1250 is the approved funding from Loma Prieta

Meeting adjurned at 8:43 PM.