2018-06-07 minutes

Meeting called to order, 7:01 PM









Last month’s minutes approved


Dan (12th)

Penny (19th)

Burt (26th)

Net on July 3rd is not scheduled.

Meeting on July 5th is scheduled. Attendance may be light.

Treasure’s report:

Deposit of 506$ from sales at flea market

Balance of 1599.20$

Equipment Report:

AB6VU is still having trouble talking to AB6KE

Repeater controller may have an issue, but it appears to be working. Burt suspects the wiring harness of the AB6VU repeater.

TYG repeater and AE6KE repeater are working well.

Burt still in the process of researching radios for the EOC (Icom 2730 appears to be the right radio; ~325$ + tax, each).

Motion to purchase programming cable and RTSystems software to program ICOM 2730 radios. Passed

Vince observes that 440.650MHz repeater RX to TX gain is low. Can it be adjusted? Burt to research model, Vince to research gain setting.

President’s Report:

Passed out phone tree list

Attended May 12 flea market and netted 506$ in sales.

May 15 participated in EOC in Santa Cruz county drill. Did pretty well at the exercise. Participated on both packet and voice.

Looking for interesting ideas for discussions, presentations, etc.

San Lorenzo Valley Amateur Radio Club valley meets on the first Friday of every month. May want to get involved in the club as well. Penny and Burt plan to attend July 6 at 7:30PM at Zyante fire station. Contact is Kerry Veenstra K3RRY (info@SLVARC.org). Forty three members, with a variety of activities.

May also want to visit the Santa Cruz ham club.

Field Day is June 23-24

Cruz Ridge (in Los Padres area) usually has a group participating field day. Austin usually participates and may know more.

Suggestion: Treasure hunt, using clues (can be ham related). For example, use a cross word puzzle using morse code clues. Another example might be to provide a latitude and longitude location and let folks figure out how to navigate to that location. Once folks arrive a picnic might be a fun thing to do.

Happening at Sunnyvale Police department:

June 21, Intro to Emergency Communications

July 11 Fundamentals of Emergency Communications

Urban Shield in September. Bay Area wide participation. Set up shelters, get communications county wide (VHF and HF)

Yellow Command training is a prerequisite (August 30), a week later, September 6th is the event.

This is all on the Santa Clara County ARES website (use google.com)


Message Passing Slides (Dan)

Clarity and brevity are two keys to message passing

Santa Clara County ARES website has the complete deck posted


William and Vince show off an Arrow portable satellite antenna. A candidate for fox hunts. Antenna can be found at,http://www.arrowantennas.com/arrowii/146-437.html model 146/437-10WBP and the roll up bag.

Meeting adjourned, 8:18 PM