2009-Nov-03 minutes

November 3, 2009 minutes

LPARC - Loma Prieta Amateur Radio Club


November 3, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Location: Burrell Fire Station, Highland Road

Kathi KI6POY, George AE6KE, David N2RDT, Hannah MASCOT,

Jennifer N2RDU, Charlie AB6VS, Ann KI6OGJ, William KG6VMX, Bert KG6MBA, Mike

The President, David N2RDT, called the meeting to order at 7:36.

Meeting minutes approved from last month.

Treasurer's report

George forgot to bring the treasurer's report to the meeting, but later emailed this info for inclusion in the minutes:

Balance as of 10/31/09: $1,027.02. Expenses during October: $33.94 for the phone.

Charlie asked that people call the phone line to test.

Equipment Status:

David has the DVR board to go into the control- David to arrange with Austin or go up and do it himself.

Charlie reported plenty of wind.

George states the weather station seems confused. It may be the rain gauge has crud in the collector.

PL keeps going off on AE6KE (one unit) needs to be resolved. Needs to be remotely accessible. Perhaps it is a control code issue or a jumper corrosion issue.

Need to find a day to look at - Perhaps David and George will look at this weekend.

Net control operators

11/3 George

11/10 Charlie

11/17 Kathi

11/24 Jennifer

Jennifer to take the county net for November. Kathi will take the net in December.

ARES/ Special Event

Set up on 20 meters

Success limited - location sheltered to the east and atmospheric conditions were not ideal - and lastly everyone was doing some type of activity.

Made about 3 contacts - bit disappointing - would have hoped for more.

Antenna was a buddy pole and the location was behind the community center. Needed more hieght.

ARES - George's low key day was nothing but ---

Cap was nice enough to visit with us, have breakfast and ask that we run the resource net for Santa Cruz. Bob K6XXX, Charlie, Jennifer, Ann, Cloud and Kay took net contol for awhile also.

MERC shelter drill at Lakeside

William had his ARES hat on speaking with Austin. Checked to see which valley repeaters we could hit from the site - could not get W6TI, able to hit primary resource net. MERC drill successful.

Fire on the Ridge - Cap contacted George and asked that a resource net be started. George and William swaped the net back and forth - operated to from 8:30 to 13:26. What was the purpose? Collecting information. Having people check in for potential assignments.

Resource informational traffic net could be split off to a Tactical net.

Established to county net - resource net is where you start - and then the shift supervisor would decide which nets are needed.

It was noted that there is not a clear understanding of resource skills and their locations.

It was suggested that in our go kits we can have a paper that discusses the value of our groups. Here is why we are here and here is where we can help with and where our communications reach.

Skywarn presentation Thursday night at Santa Cruz County Supervisor meeting room 701 Ocean Street.

Monthly focus item - Elections

Current Slate -

David Katinsky - President

Kathi Larkin - Vice President

Jennifer Katinsky - Secretary

William Rose - Treasurer

No disussions relating to slate.

George Motioned and Charlie Seconded that William Rose and David Katinsky be made as signers to the LPARC account at Chase.

RESOLVED: The Loma Prieta Amateur Radio Club authorizes David Katinsky, President, and William Rose, Treasurer, to be signers on JPMorgan Chase Bank deposit account 1854941424 subject to Chase's terms and conditions for such accounts. Retiring Treasurer, George L. Smith, will no longer be authorized to sign

Discussion of dues/fee strucutres.

No changes to our dues structure.

Dedicated funds via LPCF for LPARC.

No New Business to Discuss.

Old Business - a 2 meter antenna JPole type of thing we can hang in the attic of the community center for the packet station. If we were in the need to communicate with both counties at the same time there will not be an antenna for the packet.

Options were discussed about how to set up packet.

Question was asked about why we were not using the 440 frequency for the resource net. The decision was with Cap. Thought was we should have linked both until decision.

Motion to adjorn. 8:33

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