2018-11-01 minutes











Dues due on the first of the year

Meeting called to order, 18:58

Meeting minutes from last month are approved

Net assignments

Nov 6 Burt

Nov 13 Dan

Nov 20 Penny

Nov 27 Penny

Dec 4 Pam

Treasures report

Account balance is $1438.33 (includes 40$ rebate from recent radio purchases)

Ideas for how to spend it?

Equipment report

TYG AE6KE repeaters are working fine

AB6VU repeater receives AE6KE linked voice but AE6KE does not receive AB6VU

Presidents report

Burt, Dan and Penny did a simulated emergency test at Moffet field recently. Four stations of voice and packet to aid in a simulated search and rescue. Paperwork was relaxed, for this simulation.

Upcoming events:

Nov 3, 9AM Sunny vale class packet operations type 2

Nov 14, 6PM Mountain View fundamentals of emergency comms

Nov 15, Statewide medical exercise, Communicable disease scenario and clinic involvement (Santa Cruz 8AM?)

Nov 17, Message passing class in Sunnyvale Police HQ (good to

Nov 25, Los Altos festival of lights parade (looking for comms volunteers, net control and roving)

Dec 1, ARRL Administrative meeting in Pleasanton.

Dec 1, Los Gatos Christmas parade (looking for comms volunteers)

Dec 8, 9AM, end of year summary class at San Jose Sheriff’s office (another chance to get sworn in for a DSW card)* Only 80 seats, signups are getting full quickly (Santa Clara ARES website is the place to sign up)

*Note: there is an issue with existing DSW cards due to an administrative issue. Cards issued on the 8th of Dec will be on the county level.

Training and Education

See, shadow event in President’s report

Sage advice, get familiar with your equipment. Learn how to use it before you need it.

New Business

Nominations for officers for the club are as follows;

President: Penny

Vice President:

Treasurer: Bill

Secretary: Vince

Board member at large: David

EC: Burt (ARRL appointed position)

Additional nominations are welcome and encouraged. Note that the VP spot remains vacant.

Old Business and discussion

Satellite lecture. At least three contacts were made via satellite during the event. Antennas used were 2m and 70cm. Alt-azimuth mounts were used to steer the antennas.

Cube sats were discussed. One cube sat for ham radio use, the other is a physics experiment.

WIN System:

Every Friday night the WIN System has a net on 442.900 MHz

Swap meet starts at 8:30PM

Seven nights a week the WIN System has a Star Chat

Dan brought a portable radio station in a box. Everything but the antenna and the solar panel.

Meeting adjourned: 19:53