2020-May-07 minutes

LPARC Meeting Minutes 5/7/2020


x KM6JUO Penny


KD6SEI Kathy



AC6E Mike

KE6QZJ Scott

Motion to approve last weeks meeting minutes approved

Net assignments:


12/12 Bert

12/19 Dan

12/26 Mike

6/2 Pam

Meeting started at 19:00

No treasurer's report

Berts Report:

AB6VU repeater back at Loma Prieta site.

Not fully up. Repeater by itself is working.

Having noise challenges that still needs to be solved.

We need to fix a high SWR (2.4) that could be a bad

cable. We will need to have a work party to debug this.

AE6KE sensitivity is not as good as it used to be. It

is an older system. This needs debug effort too.

We have been offered a different link transceiver and cable

by a friend of the club.

Mike and Bert will be scheduling a time in the week of

the 11th or 18th of May.

Penny mentioned that not all of our club members can

reach all of the repeaters. Bert suggested replacing

the cross link transciever AB6VU and AE6KE. It will

require a bit of an investment/time too. The two

repeaters are close together in frequency. Need to

check if the cheaper models have enough cross rejection.

President's Report:

We are still planning to go to the Ham swap meet on

Sat Jun 13th.


Tee Shirts:

Pam looked at the pictures for the vests that Bert suggested.

One $15 without markings /$25 for ARRL vest.

We could also go with custom silk screening with the company

that Pam was looking at. Pam is going to look into it a bit


2020 Field Day:

June 26th - 28th in Loma Prieta area

June 5th Virtual Meeting at San Lorenzo Amateur Club for planning


Thurs 14th EC Council Meeting


5/16/20 Drill in Santa Clara county

5/17/20 Santa Cruz Exercise

Good way to know Santa Cruz people

Will be going to various sites in Santa Cruz

1) Practice filling out ICS214s

2) Check in to resource net

3) Go to location and call in

4) Answer question about the location you were assigned

5)Social distancing with people individually in each vehicle

Bert will send out the details via general@lparc.org

Bert suggested GPS will be helpful for the event if available

Bring face mask, go bag, and have fun

Meeting concluded at 19:32