2020-Jan-02 minutes

LPARC 1/2/2020 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Present: Vince, Pam, David, Kathy, Penny, Dan, and Scott

Meeting started at 7:00 PM.

Motion to approve last months meeting minutes.

LPARC Election results from last month:

President: Penny

Vice President: Mike

Secretary: Dan

Treasurer: Bill

Board Member at Large: Dave

Net Control Assignments for January, 2020:

Jan 7: Dan

Jan 14: Penny

Jan 21: Pam

Jan 28: Bert

Feb 4: Pam

Treasury Report:

Last month: $2036.31

Tonight: $90 collected for renewed memberships

Equipment Report:

Mike is finishing the box for the AE6KE repeater.

The AE6KE repeater coordination in the repeater directory has lapsed.

There is a potential frequency interference conflict with the Daly

City WD6INC repeater. Vince is try to resolve this.

Presidents Report:

Penny called everyone on the current members list to see who is

interested in:

1) Renewing their membership

2) Do they have any equipment they want to donate to the club that

we can sell at the ham radio swap meet to raise funds for the club.

Penny will generate an updated membership roster.

Dan and Dave will work to get the data accessible by the club officers.

Dave suggesting creating some additional email addresses for the club

in addition to general@lparc.org





Pam noted that there is a company who can make club T-shirts:

T-shirts: $16

Polo shirts: $26

no minimums required.

Dan will check with his daughter to see if she can generate a club logo.

Old Business:

A new Loma Prieta CERT group is in the process of forming.

CERT has recognized the importance of having support from ham radio operators.

We still have difficulty accessing the equipment in the EOC room.

Penny is working with the Loma Prieta staff to try to ensure that our area of

the EOC room is kept available.

8:23 PM Motion to close.