2019-Apr-04 minutes

Meeting called to order: 19:02







Last month’s minutes approved with corrections


Dan (9)

Bert (16)

Pam (23)

Penny (30)

Treasure’s report:


Equipment Report:

EOC is moved!

First test? Concern expressed that without test we can’t be certain that everything works. Test expected during the MERC Red Cross exercise at Redwood Estates on the 27th.

AB6VU repeater is still being serviced. Building a new decoder with a box and connectors.

President’s Report:

Compiled transmission reports from the simplex exercises. Next step is to put the data on a map. Thought that pairs on a map might be a superior option. Perhaps with a color code for signal quality.

Field day, Bonnie Doon (Santa Cruz ARES), June 21 - 23. Suggest that we participate. Another location is Choose Ridge. Next meeting will bring more information.

Upcoming events:

April 6th: in Sunnyvale Saturday morning net control class

April 13th:

May 4th: Saturday morning at 9 message passing in Sunnyvale.

May 18th: quarterly drill

Sea Otter Classic, April 11 - 13th.


We need a resource net control for the MERC Red Cross exercise at Redwood Estates on the 27th. Penny volunteers.

Also need operators for, packet station, voice station, voice shadow operator.

Expecting at least some novice Red Cross operators.

Go to Santa Clara ARES site for more information on packet. Be sure to check to the frequency plan.

A detailed plan is being constructed to facilitate the exercise.

Include Pam in the exercise as an off site operator.

Kathy may also be able to participate.

Motion that Vince and Bert do a site survey at AE6KE.

Meeting adjourned: 20:15