2009-Oct-05 minutes

October 5, 2009 minutes

LPARC Monthly Meeting

Monday October 5, 2009

Meeting Called to Order at 19:34 Local Time

Attendee: George, Bill, Leon, Charlie, Kay, Cap, David, Jennifer, Ann T, Hannah.

Minutes have been submitted from previous months and approved.

Treasurer's report

expense 67.87

balance 1060.96

Equipment Report

Austin reset the time.

Lots of wind, battaries topped off.

Controller programming work needs to be done.

Needs to be done with a computer

David needs to order DVR. Approved budget item and just needs to be done.

Net Control

10/6 Bill, 10/13 David, 10/20 George, 10/27 Jennifer

ARES Report

On 10/17 SCT in Santa Clara 1-4 or 2-4 scenario - an Earthquake - EOC - EOC communications via the EOC radios. Not HAM Frequencies.

Discussion of getting Packet station up again. Perhaps we can work on that while doing the special event station.

On 10/17 SCT in Santa Cruz - Cap KE6AFE discussed different known events in the both sides of the hill. The expectation is that most events will be SCT.

County Wide Mutual Aide Communicator - have the two county wide resources be bridged perhaps by LPARC members since we straddle the mountain.

Special events station - is it possible to put a resource net control

Hams report in from field locations to chat for general infomraiton and tie in with City of Cupertino and County in the afternoon. Perhaps touching base with the CERT Aptos.

Exchange of email to start discussion for what we can make happen on 10/17.

Equipment Needed/Responsiblity:

Charlie will bring Radio and Power Supply

David will bring Antenna and Feed line

Commercial power available - extension cord needed - David

Snacks should be provided by club - water and snacks

Pancake breakfast - 8:00 - 11:00.

set up at 9:00 - Operations- 10-5:04 and Tear Down.

Jennifer, David and Charlie will be able to operate in the afternoon.

Nomination Commitee - Current Slate:

David Katinsky - President

Kathi Larkin - Vice President

Bill - Treasurer

Jennifer Katinsky - Secretary

Charlie and Kay close the nominations.

Kathi is willing to spread the joy of the county net - 4th Tuesday - please coordinate with Kathi for Santa Cruz County wide if you can help run the net.

New Business:

HAM Classes

Jennifer cannot teach a class at this time.

There is a class starting on 10/07/09 - for Technician Class.

This information will be forwarded out to the club.

Discussion of HAM frequency Commercial Use.

MERC Shelter Exercise on 10/24 at Lakeside School 10-2 - Request for ARES activity - George to participate. There is a 2m and 70cm on the school

George presented a number of posters for the taking.

George also presented a list of equipment that was W6ZZZ's which is available.

Meeting closed at 20:40.

Next meeting November 2, 2009

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