2015-May-07 minutes

05-07-2015 LPARC Minutes


Austin Lesea, AB6VS, President

Bert Bailey, KG6MBA, Vice President

Kathi Larkin, KI6POY, Secretary

Gary Watson, K6PDL, ARES EC

David Katinsky, N2RDT, Member

Austin called the meeting to order at 7:10pm

Approval of the April 2, 2015 minutes

Austin recommends an amendment to minutes:

AB6VS works, just doesn’t link.

Treasurer’s Report N/A


May 12 - Bert

May 19 – Austin

May 26 - Kathi, 4th Tuesday is when we run the county net

June 2 – David/Jennifer


AE6KE – wonderful

AB6VS – does not link, so don’t use this during the nets.


  • It is now on a timer and works!

  • This is still in the works:

  • Bill is working with Alex and Kathi to program the FT-8500 that resides at LPFR. LPFR will need to purchase the software (approx $25) so he can load the local frequencies on that radio).

  • Austin has heard that Alex is working on securing an antenna that will work on both 2m and 44cm repeaters.

ARES EC Report

Davids suggests we look at Jerry Inman’s Strawberry Fields email for opportunity to support on Sunday, May 17th.

President’s Report N/A

New Business N/A

Training N/A

Bert quizzes us on our readiness to respond.

  • Go Bag, batteries, 72 hour kit?

  • How long would it take you to respond?

Bert wants to do packet training at the school.

  • Packet is for sending sensitive info that you would not want to say on the radio, i.e. medical issues, medications, etc.

  • Perhaps we can develop a cheat sheet.

  • Perhaps we can try to learn the Santa Cruz system first.

  • Austin suggests we develop a plan by August 2015 meeting.

  • Bert will begin this process.

Old Business

Gary motions meeting adjourned at 7:56 pm, Bert seconds, adjourned.