2021-Feb-04 minutes

LPARC Meeting Minutes 2/4/2021

meetiing called to order 19:05


KM6JUO Penny call in user 2


KD6SEI Kathy



AC6E Mike

KE6QZJ Scott

KM6ZWR Jack Saratoga

Eddie Maru


Motion to approve last weeks meeting minutes approved.

Net assignments:


02/09 Bert

02/16 Mike

02/23 Dan

03/02 Penny

Treasurer's Report:

Club account balance: $3866.23

George Smith has agreed to serve as our new treasurer.

Vote: Unanamously elected.

Equipment Report:

TYG Upgrade: Dan is still working on it.

When you link AB6VU to AE6KE , the AB6VU to AE6KE audio link inconsistent.

Bert recommends when we get the KC6TYG is link is up and

running we will copy it to AB6VU.

Mike Myers will test the AB6VU voltages.

President's Report:

Today Penny made a last call for the 2021 club dues.

Penny will complete the club roster next week.

Eddie has committed to join.

Bill may be renewing

February 20th: We will have an EOC exercise.

Some people will be at the EOC to send packet via the WinLink system.

There will be a training meeting for this exercise on February 17th at 19:00.

The training will include the station setup and the software operation.

Exercise time: 12:00 - 15:00

Bert will be responding to packet messages from home.

Further information will be distributed.

Penny has 2021 DSW updated stickers from Santa Clara for those who are DSW registered.

We have new frequency lists for Santa Cruz County.

Santa Cruz would like this list to be programmed into their radios.

Bert has offered to publish a list with the Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties.

Upcoming Events / Activities:

Feb 20th exercise (above)

Feb 17th training (above)

Pam sent out a schedule in the coming months for 60m MARS exercises.

Feb 11th EC/AEC meeting for Santa Clara

Tue 16th Santa Clara message net training

Sat 20th Santa Calra quarterly drill

Bert mentioned that we should be interfacing with the Loma Prieta School.

There were a lot of obstructions in the EOC room blocking access to the radio equipment.

Bert suggested that we raise the issue that we need a key to the restrooms at the school.

New Business:


Old Business:

Locating and reporting any 911 reporting stations.

Santa Cruz County was preparing an activation during the recent rains.

We need to establish a procedure to setup a 911 reporting station during an emergency.

We need better coordination between Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.