2018-10-04 minutes

October 4, 2018 minutes








Minutes from last month are approved

Net Control


9: Bert

16: Penny

23: Pam

30: Dan

Received two 20$ rebates from the purchase of iCom VHF kit. President will deliver to treasurer.

Equipment report:

Both repeaters are up and working (AB6VU and AE6KE)

President suggests more training and other activities on nets.

It would be good to know who can hit which repeaters. This will make it easier to communicate with the other members of the club during emergencies.

President’s report:

President welcomes input on any events

September 15, attended Cross-band Repeating and Antenna Fundamentals class in Santa Clara. This is a feature or many dual band radios that have two VCOs. Very helpful if you want to communicate in a difficult situation.

Bert assisted at Santa Cruz county fair. Stationed with and supporting Sant Cruz Sheriff and supported several other public service organizations. A highlight was reuniting four lost children with their parents. Sheriff caught a ticket counterfeiter.

Upcoming events:

Saturday 6th, in Sunnyvale packet operations part III

Wednesday 10th, in Mountain View, Intro to emergency communications

Thursday 11th 7PM EC council quarterly meeting at Santa Clara county EOC

Friday 12th auction at Felton Fire Station

At http://SLVARC.org is a preview of the items that will be available for sale

Pacificon October 19 - 21 in San Ramon (A good opportunity for newbies to ham radio. Most major vendors will be there and many smaller vendors as well). Usually includes a swap.

Thursday October 25th, from 7-9 PM, Radio Science and Hubble Space Telescope presentation at Cabrillo College

SCCO alternate EOC exercise on the October 25th, 9AM At county comms, (placeholder more information forthcoming).

Training and Education:

Nothing tonight


Frequency hopping spread spectrum and Hedy Lamar’s (1914 - 2000) contribution was discussed. She invented frequency hopping to foil jamming of torpedos. Patent 397 was awarded to Lamar for her invention