2012-Jul-02 minutes

David N2RDT, Jennifer N2RDU, George AE6KE, Jerry AE6I, Kevin KJ6WBN

July 2, 2012

Burrell CAL FIRE Station

Open at 19:06

Meeting minutes from the June meeting were accepted as read.

Treasurer's Report

Bill was not at the meeting - no report.

New Account opened at USBANK.

(No fees as long as we stay below 150 transactions per month.)

Account balance of $1927.84

(Austin was paid by Bill for costs for new repeater.)

Club Dues are now due! Please present your membership fees along with roster information to Bill Rose as soon as possible.

Club Dues - $25.00 individual

$30.00 family

Please mail checks (made payable to LPARC) to:


P.O. Box 385

Redwood Estates, CA 95044

Equipment Status

Discussion on AB6VS - the unit has been replaced with a new system.

Austin, AB6VU, has installed new unit with the club controller. Link works great. Antenna line or cable is broken. Austin replaced with a mag mount.

AE6KE - owned by Santa Cruz County - new property owner will allow the repeater to stay in place. George supplied a protocol. If you need to go to the site you MUST contact the property owner first. Please follow protocol.

Net control operators for July 2012 - Thank you to those who have volunteered!

7/3 AE6I

7/10 AE6I

7/17 N2RDT

7/24 N2RDU w/County Net

7/31 AE6KE


Digital Communications - FLDIGI - AE6I corrected that FLMSG is the county policy.

(FLDIGI - suite of packet for Santa Cruz County - Being headed up by Cap. Open source program provided by author - Gary K6PDL )

Digital Communications - ARRL has an EMMCOM advisory committee - Is there a standard?

N2RDT sent a message to the ARRL asking if there is a standard. He reviewed some of the responses:

One response stated use of NBEMS-Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System.

One response stated standardization by the Federal Government.

One response discussed the pros and cons of FLDIGI vs. PACKET.

Monthly Topic - Special Event Station - Yes or No?

Previously we had commemorated the Loma Prieta Earthquake (and emergency preparedness) - provide wallpaper to contacts made. Anyone interested in thinking about it more? If so, please send a note to N2RDT. If not, we will wait for another year.

Old Business:

The LPARC will staff the Skyland Run for communications/radio help again this year. The date is Saturday July 14, 2012. There will be at least 3 positions manned.

David, Kathi, and Bert are confirmed volunteers at this time. Please be at the site NO LATER than 08:00AM. Kathi will be at the 10K. :-)

David has put together the Communications Plan for the Skyland Run.

New business:

Mountain Resident Night out - Tuesday August 7, 2012 at the Loma Prieta Gazebo.

N2RDU working on set up. Please contact N2RDU if you are available to work.

A discussion took place about how repeaters and different things new operators should know.


No Training for this evening.

Need Volunteers:

Looking for a liaison to the Santa Cruz County and

Santa Clara County Emergency Coordinator.

Looking for an ARES Coordinator.

Still need an EC for group..... Anyone????

Next Meeting August 6, 2012.

Motion to adjourn by George

Meeting closed at 20:32.

2012 LPARC Officers

David Katinsky - President

George Smith - Vice President

Jennifer Katinsky - Secretary

Bill Rose - Treasurer