2010-Mar-01 meeting

David, Jennifer, Kathi, Cloud, Hannah, Leon, Anne, Charlie, Roy Nunn.

Open at 7:37

Meeting minutes for the February meeting were discussed - David posted information on the webpage.

Bill (William) provided the Treasurer's Report via email as of 2/24:

$1961.66 balance as of today.

$ 35.12 phone bill

$ 115.00 deposit of dues

$ 31.63 check to George for PL Encoder board AE6KE repeater repair.

Why do we have long distance? Need to determine the local boundaries for our phone.

Bill will forward bill to David. Looking for best opportunity for con

Bill did send information to David. David suggests talking with someone from the phone company to get a better


Equipment Status

AE6KE ARES repeater is repaired and is on line. CTCSS-PL out is fixed is up and operational.

David passed around pictures of the AE6KE Repeater.

DVR was installed install in AB6VS repeater.

Kathi asked if they had fun doing the work with the AE6KE repeater and

Net control operators for March

3/2 Kathi

3/9 David

3/16 Cloud

3/23 Jennifer

3/30 Kathi

Jennifer will take the county net March 23,2010.


George sent via email:

3/13 - Advanced Communications Drill Santa Clara County

3/20 - What are the nets? County Training

All information is on the Santa Clara ARES page - should be linked via LPARC pages.

ARRL page has various pieces of information about emergency traffic bands for Haiti and Chile Quake Relief.

Monthly Focus Item - Field Day - June 25-27

Explore if we can join the Santa Cruz.

CAL FIRE Training Site on Empire Grade

Vic to follow up with Santa Cruz Club.

Awaiting information from Vic with confirmation of plan.

New business:

Cloud asked about GPS experiences. Information was provided and Ann offered for Cloud to play with her's.

Issues around mountain terrain and canyons. David explained Geo Caching as a good environment for using GPS.

USGS Topo maps are available.

Science Fair - LPARC will be displaying at the Science Fair - Saturday March 20, 2010 from 2-5PM.

Marking of Mark's passing - Is there some way the club wants to mark this date or do something for Sue. Looking to

George for suggestions.

Old business:

David presented his steel tape and pvc antenna prototype. Suggestions: Use clamps - buff coating off the steel tape to get

better conduction with the solder. Highly directional antenna mostly for fox hunting finding - $20 can get the parts for

about 2 type of antenna. Took about an hour to build. Use electrical tape or trim in a way so there is not such sharp sides.

Make sure you either put the correct adapter for your radio or make sure you have an adapter kit.

Many suggestions to integrate the antenna building into the science fair booth. Perhaps a simple dipole antenna to show.

Charlie offered a few crystal sets for the sceince fair. Suggestion to do a fox hunt type - show how you can build cool stuff

and a hobby.

Training - GO KIT - equipment you need to go out on an emergency assignment.

George requests that everyone brings their version of a GO KIT to the next meeting.

Cloud brought her GO KIT and presented what she has. YEAH for Cloud for being prepared with her GO KIT!

Motion to adjourn. 8:32PM Kathi moved Cloud seconded.

Monthly focus item - What do we have planned for this year?

Jan - Discuss of what we what to do this year.

Feb - Options for Field Day

Mar - Participation for Field Day

Apr - MNN article direct mailings for Field Day

May - Repeater work day

Jun - Field Day - last full weekend in Jun.

Jul - BBQ and Antenna Building Party

Aug - Nominating - National Night Out

Sep - Fox/Tee Hunt

Oct - Special Event

Nov - Elections

2010 LPARC Officers

David Katinsky - President

Kathi Larkin - Vice President

Jennifer Katinsky - Secretary

Bill Rose - Treasurer