2015-Feb-05 minutes

02/05/2015 LPARC Minutes


Austin Lesea, AB6VS, President

Bert Bailey, KG6MBA, Vice President

Kathi Larkin, KI6POY, Secretary

Gary Watson, K6PDL, E.C.

Jennifer Katinsky, N2RDU, Board

David Katinsky, N2RDT, Member

Denise Lesea, KD6SEJ, Member

George Smith, AE6KE, Member

Eddie Maru, W6OPQ, Visitor

Austin called the meeting to order at 7pm

Approval of the December 4, 2014 minutes

George motions, David seconds, approved with correction to email bbailey@stellarsolutions.com for training ideas.

Treasurer’s Report N/A

Dues are due: $25 individuals, $30 for families.

If you missed this meeting you can mail the dues, payable to LPARC, to:


P.O. Box 385

Redwood Estates, CA 95044

Kathi is mailing her check for $25 and cash from Eddie (new member) for $25 to Bill Rose.


2/10 - George

2/17 - Bert

2/24 – Kathi, both nets

3/3 - Austin


2m grudge terrible noise seems to be gone now.

440cm controller went out and does not detect pl. David did some troubleshooting. Austin will take the controller to his house to further test.

Note to net controllers:

Announce on the one you are not broadcasting on that you will be on the other, since they cannot be linked at the moment.


This is still in the works:

Bill is working with Alex and Kathi to program the FT-8500 that resides at LPFR. LPFR will need to purchase the software (approx $25) so he can load the local frequencies on that radio).

Austin has approval from LPFR (is this correct?) to secure an antenna that will work on both 2m and 44cm repeaters.

Does he also need a cable? He will check with Alex.

ARES EC Report

Packet training on Saturday in Sunnyvale Fire Station #2.

Cap and Gary checked the packet on the new computer and radio at LPCC and downloaded email from Santa Clara system.

Cap Pennell has been replaced as DEC by Robert Ritchey, KJ6FFP

President’s Report

Thanks for electing me while I was absent!

New Business

Donate to the Water Tender Fund ASAP!

· Website

Time for board insurance renewal

· Austin motions, David seconds, approved

LP Science Fair – March 28th, Jennifer says she can support

Old Business


Update training ideas to Bert Bailey: bbailey@stellarsolutions.com

George recommends packet training – try for April

Bert motions meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm, Jennifer seconds, adjourned.