2020-Jun-04 minutes

Monthly Meeting for LPARC 6/4/20


KM6JUO Penny




KE6QZJ Scott

AC6E Mike

KM6ZWR Jack Saratoga

AA6JY John Yontz

Meeting started at 7:03 using Webex

Meeting minutes from last month approved.

June repeater assignments for KC6TYG LPARC weekly net.

6/9 Bert

6/16 Mike

6/23 Dan with SVECS

6/30 Penny

Equipment Report:

Bert noticed low voltage module dead. Bert purchased one at $92.

He will be reimbursed.

AB6Vu is up and running off of one solar array panel (instead of 2)

because the low voltage cutoff box is dead. Is connecting to

AE6KE, which is also running well. Mike, Bert, and Austin tested

it. There still need to be some cables connected.

There is a question of whether KC6TYG can connect to the other 2 repeaters for Kathy and Pam.

A simple link is a bit of a problem in that the transmitter and receiver frequencies are too

close to AB6VU frequencies, so there is a problem of crosstalk. Bert is looking

at alternate methods to link all three repeaters.

KC6TYG uses an internal controller. It is identical to AB6VU, so Bert already

knows how it works. It could cost $800. Bert is looking for more dollar-efficient


The Fry's ham flea market may restart July 11th.

President's report:

Do we want to have the relay event that Dan suggested about a month ago?

There is a Santa Cruz event planned for this weekend. Bert had sent

out an invite this week to the LPARC mailing list.

The exercise requires that the participants fill out the proper forms.

Vest and T-shirts:

Penny may order one for herself. She offered to order vests for others


Kerry Veenstra sent a notice of the ARRL field day event.

Field day this year is going to be at the winery on Loma Prieta.

Upcoming events:

6/7 Sunday ARES Safe Mobile Exercise in Santa Cruz

6/13 Santa Clara County Field packet drill

6/13 9:00 AM Packet sending practice in Hellier park; signup on Santa Clara ARES site.

6/16 8:30 PM Monthly message passing practice net on the linked Santa Clara repeaters.

Action Items:

Penny and Dan will discus the details of having a multi-repeater relay exercis

next month, as this monther there is the 6/7 ARES Safe Mobie Exercise.

Meeting concluded at 19:45