2021-Mar-04 minutes

LPARC Meeting Minutes 3/4/2021

Meeting called to order 19:05


KM6JUO Penny call in user 2


KD6SEI Kathy



AC6E Mike

KM6ZWR Jack Saratoga

Motion to approve last weeks meeting minutes approved.

Mike, Kathy approved

Net assignments:


03/09 Mike Myers

03/16 Bert

03/23 Pam

03/30 Dan

Treasurer's Report:

Club account balance: $3866.23

Received $90 in additional dues.

Recept from Dan for web services

Equipment Report:

AB6VU: Mike Myers and Bert are going up on Saturday to work on the link problem

AE6KE and AB6VU repeaters work fine by themselves.

KC6TYG is working well.

President's Report:

Penny reports she and Pam have experimented with various exercises to see

which repeaters they can communicate.

Bert attended Santa Cruz EC meeting and discussed communications between the

CERTs and the Hams.

We held an exercise on 2/20/21 where we setup packet stations and then

send packet message to Bert remotely. Penny, Mike, and Pam learned the Winlink

system. The exercise was a success. Penny wants to setup a second packet

exercise in the coming months. We used the ICS-205, ICS-213, ICS-214 forms

during the exercise. We used the Winlink program to generate the ICS-309.

Penny noticed in the Mountain Network News, Charlie Norman died. He was

the one who originally setup the AB6VU repeater on his property and was

very active in ham radio. He was also a member of the Loma Prieta Volunteer

fire dept.

Bert suggested we also learn the Santa Clara Outpost packet system.

Mike Myers and Pam suggested multiple options for upcoming activities.

He presented some slides with the following topics:

Antenna Building

Fox hunt


Simplex net


Portable HF station

IRLP linked repeater communications using cell phones or internet

Morse code - low speed code practive

Trivia night on the repeater

We can also add a simplex net to our weekly net.

Upcoming Events / Activities:

4/17/21 14:00 there is an exercise with Santa Cruz A.R.E.S./CERTs utilizing

CERTs and Hams. CERT using MURS radios to communicate with the hams.

The CERTs are still determining their specific responsibilities.

They would like RSVPs within two weeks.

Bert was suggesting having an HF exercise.

Bert suggested an NVIS antenna for shorter communication.

Mike Myers thought it might be good to try an HF net.

Mike will add a simplex net to the 3/9/21 weekly LPARC net.

New Business:


Old Business:

Bert talked to Santa Cruz at the EC meeting to see if we can establish

mutual aid between Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties.

Locating and reporting any 911 reporting stations.

Santa Cruz County was preparing an activation during the recent rains.

We need to establish a procedure to setup a 911 reporting station during an emergency.

We need better coordination between Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties.

Meeting adjourned at 20:11 PM.