2014-Dec-04 minutes

12-04-2014 LPARC Minutes


George Smith, AE6KE, President

Kathi Larkin, KI6POY, Secretary

Gary Watson, K6PDL, E.C.

David Katinsky, N2RDT, Board

Jennifer Katinsky, N2RDU, Member

Bert Bailey, KG6MBA, Member

George called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm

Approval of the November 6, 2014 minutes

David motions, Gary seconds, approved.

Treasurer’s Report N/A

Dues for next year? Any changes?

$25 individuals, $30 for families


12/9- Bert

12/16 - David

12/23 (both nets) - Kathi

12/30 – George

1/6 - George

1/13 - Jennifer

1/20 - Bert

1/27 (both) – Kathi?

2/3 - Jennifer


Both club repeaters seem to be working well?

  • What was the issue the night Kathi ran the local net?


This is still in the works:

Bill is working with Alex and Kathi to program the FT-8500 that resides at LPFR. LPFR will need to purchase the software (approx $25) so he can load the local frequencies on that radio).

Austin has approval from LPFR (is this correct?) to secure an antenna that will work on both 2m and 44cm repeaters.

ARES EC Report

The new computer for the LPCC ham radio room has been swapped (previous one did not work) so Gary will work on packet radio there in new year.

Scott Morse, San Jose DEC, is now Section EC for 5 counties: Santa Clara, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, San Benito, Monterey.

President’s Report N/A

Old Business

Gary (the nomination committee) submitted these names for the slate, subject to the approval of the nominated individuals, before sending it up for a vote:

  • President: Austin Lesea, AB6VS

  • Vice President: Bert Bailey, KG6MBA

  • Secretary: Kathi Larkin, KI6POY

  • Treasurer: Bill Rose, KG6VMX

  • 1 Board Member:

  • Jennifer Katinsky, N2RDU

George moved we accept, David seconds, so accepted.

David will update the club officer information.

New Business

Tentative plan is to skip the January 1 club meeting for the month of January.

Kathi is writing an article with Jeff Powell for the January 2015 MNN about the local responder groups (MERC, CERT, LPARC, Equine Evac).

  • Promote the Elmers Net in the MNN article.

  • Elmer’s Net on WR6AOK (147.120 +PL94.8

  • Sam Sjoren, WB6RJH, of San Lorenzo Valley, will run this beginners’ net on Wednesday evenings at 8pm.


January 9th Santa Clara County Drill

Bert, as new VP, wants topics for training next year, so please email him with ideas:

  • KG6MBA@gmail.com

  • We discussed having training exercises, like location and equipment checks at various mountain locations, packet training, promote the Elmer Net

Gary motions meeting adjourned at 7:59 pm, Bert seconds, adjourned.