2012-Jan-09 minutes

President: David N2RDT VP: George AE6KE Treasurer: Bill KG6VMX Secretary: Jennifer N2RDU

LPARC Minutes 2012-01-09

President David N2RDT called the meeting to order in the Burrell Fire Station at 7:08 PM ---

Attendees: George AE6KE, Bill KG6VMX, Bob W6HUL --- Guests: Tom Beckmann K6TJB, David Jackson (passed test on Saturday!)

Treasurer’s Report

  • Balance of $1732.84, deposit of $84 in dues

Business of various sorts...

  • The previous minutes were approved

  • There was a discussion about equipment at the community center. David mentioned that the cabinet lock was tricky and should be replaced with a hasp. George suggested he practice his safecracking skills. David decreed that we'll have our May meeting at the Community center so that folks can check out the equipment. Pigtails have been added to the antenna feed lines to ease the problem of the rather stiff feed lines dragging the radios about. The pros and cons of bulkhead connectors were discussed.

  • David & Jennifer attended CERT year end dinner meeting and heard about the Map Your Neighborhood program which they are pursuing. David presented the "5 things you can do for your ARES group". See link: http://ares.santa-cruz.ca.us/KI1U_2011_ARES_Presentation.pdf.

  • Bob spoke of (and showed) the Wouxun dual band HT for the benefit of our guests


  • David noted that Santa Clara County ARES/RACES would be holding its quarterly drill on 1/21. The various training opportunities and resources supplied by them were described.

  • Bob spoke about joint operations between LG DART and LG ARES for the 12/3 parade. Lessons were learned about integration of the two services.

AB6VS LPARC Repeater Equipment Report

  • Nothing to report

AE6KE ARES Repeater Equipment Report

  • George has not contacted Jeff Lieberman to check out the repeater, as planned last month, since the audio problem has not recurred. We should keep an eye on this.

Net Control for the local Loma Prieta net every Tuesday at 7:15 PM

  • 1/12 George AE6KE

  • 1/17 Bill KG6VMX

  • 1/24 Kathi KI6POY

  • 1/31 Jennifer N2RDU

The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 PM. Next meeting is February 6.

Submitted by George - Loma Prieta Amateur Radio Club ( http://www.lparc.org/ )

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