2021-Jul-01 minutes

LPARC Meeting Minutes 7/1/2021

Meeting called to order 19:05


KM6JUO Penny call in user 2


KD6SEI Kathy call in user 4


KM6MBA Bert call in user 3

AC6E Mike M.

KM6ZWR Jack S.


Motion to approve last weeks meeting minutes approved.

Penny reviewed last week's meeting

We will have to train the net control operators

Net assignments:


07/06 Penny

07/13 Dan

07/20 Pam

07/27 Mike

08/03 Bert

Treasurer's Report: no report this month

$3076.60 last month.

$3076.60 this month.

Equipment Report:

All three repeaters up and working.

There is still a little cleanup needed for the software on the new controllers.

A delay will have to be added when the link is enabled and when the command

is enabled.

President's Report:

Active Shooter Drill went well. Bert, Penny, Pam, Kathy, and Dan volunteered

for positions of perimeter security or victims.

Michael has used his new NVIS antenna to check in on the Santa Clara County

HF SVECs net. He found his standard antenna worked better, however, it is

mounted much higher.

Do we want to plan any fund raisers?

Bert mentioned it is more important to improve our efficiency at the EOC.

We need to increase cross-training at the EOC.

Sunday afternoons seem to be the best time for most people. This will

probably be a 4-5 hour exercise.

Penny is proposing Sunday, July 18th.

Bert has been EC for about 2.5 years and he is ready for retirement.

The EC role includes a report to Santa Clara and Santa Cruz County

once a month. The EC is also supposed to promote activities in the


The EC is responsible for the activation in an emergency.

Also the EC is responsible for helping getting new members for the group.

If no EC steps up, our club could get swallowed up by San Lorenzo or

Santa Cruz clubs.

There can be more than one AEC.

Upcoming Events / Activities:

Santa Clara has some training listed on the their web site https://www.scc-ares-races.org/aresraces.htm.

Message passing etc.

There is a July 4th parade that needs support by ham radio operators.

Scott's Valley is also having a 4th of July event.

Sunday, Aug 1st is the Santa Cruz PSPS training.

Bert had talked to Joe Marie of Santa Cruz to talk to us about the PSPS

event, once we resume in-person meetings.

New Business:

Nothing heard

Old Business:

Ham stations need to measure their stations field strength.

Mike M. had sent out instructions in a previous email to the club

members on how to perform the calculations.

Action Items:


Meeting adjourned at 20:04