2015-Nov-05 minutes

November 5, 2015 LPARC Minutes


Austin Lesea, AB6VS, President

Bert Bailey, KG6MBA, Vice President

Kathi Larkin, KI6POY, Secretary

Bill Rose, KG6VMX, Treasurer

Gary Watson, K6PDL, ARES EC

George Smith, AE6KE, Member

Introductions N/A

Austin called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Approval of the October 1, 2015 minutes

Gary moves, Bert seconds, approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Bill reported that the club current balance is the same as last month: $686.97


11/10 - Bert

11/17 -

11/24 – 4th County Net - Kathi

12/1 – Austin


Humming noise on the club repeaters.

New owners of Charlie’s place welcome us to keep the equipment there and may enter the property to do maintenance.

No word from Paul Horvat about replacing equipment lost in the LPCC fire. He now works for the city, not the county. Bert will find out who his replacement is.

ARES EC Report

Robert sent a new communications plan for Santa Cruz County.

Patricia O’Coffey South Skyline EC, will join our net on 11/10 for a training session.

Santa Clara County drill on November 14th, passing messages, simplex, relay. Packet exercise. Our club is not quite ready, not yet trained in Packet.

President’s Report

Kathi was appointed to check on the board members, creating the slate, for elections at December meeting.


Bert would like to do the packet training in early December.

December 5th at Austin’s house, 10 am – 1pm latest.

25542 Mt. Bache Rd. LG 95033, second driveway on the right from the stop sign.

New Business

AE6KE is county owned.

AB6VS we might consider getting a new call sign.

Austin will check with the FCC about getting a club call sign.

Old Business N/A

Gary motions, Bert seconds, adjourned at 7:26 pm.