2020-Feb-06 minutes

LMPARC Meeting minutes for 02-06-2020

Meeting Start time: 19:00

Motion to approve last months Minutes


2/11 Dan

2/18 Penny

2/25 Mike

3/3 Pam

No treasurer's report.

No recent financial activity.

Scott paid his membership at the meeting.

Equipment Report:

Need to get AB6VU back working.

Bert is starting to have more time and is working on the controller.

Working on putting the tone detector inside the controller.

By March meeting, the hardware should be completed by Bert, ready to be programmed.

Allow the programming to be done during March, possibly by a different person.

Needs to have the new box installed by Mike at AE6KE.

Date of installation to be set at the next meeting.

March 14th is the next Association of Silicon Valley Amateur Radio Operators

5:00 AM - 12:00 PM at Fry's parking lot.

Notify Bert or Penny if you have something to donate.

Free parking for people attending.

$30 per stall, or $45 for three spaces.

Penny made a new roster.

Dan will enter the roster in Excel and distribute it.

WD6INC in Daly City has the same freq as AE6KE, but different PL tone

Felix of the coordinating committee, is not inclined to renew the coordination

because of the conflict with WD6INC. Bert will work with XCZ and Vince to

try to resolve this

EC Report:

Santa Cruz is putting together a credential program.

Upcoming Events:

Feb 8th Field Ops III part 2

Feb 13 EC/AEC meeting

Feb 22 Santa Clara quarterly drill, 10:00

April 15-19th Sea Otter Classic

We discussed working with the Loma Prieta School to remove the junk

from the LPEOC room and be able to permanently put up the table.

Motion to close: 20:30.