2019-October-3 minutes

Hi All,

Meeting called to order at 1902 hrs.

Members present: Dan Pam Scott Mike Bert Penny Kathy

We had a visitor; Karen Corscadden KM6SV

Net Control Assignments:

Starting at 7:10 pm thru 7:15 pm, net control may ask for direct call ins from club members on

146.835 simplex, to further assess which club members can communicate directly with each other.

Oct 8. Bert. Using KC6TYG. 440.650 (+) PL 94.8 again this month

15. Dan

22. Mike

29. Penny

Nov. 5. Pam.

No Treasurer Report

Equipment Rpt: AE6KE, KC6TYG working. AB6VU not functional; Bert suggests getting a new repeater controller for it. He presented a comparison of SCOM 7330 and ARCOM RC-210 controllers. Club voted to purchase the SCOM.

President Rpt: it has come to my attention that the club secretary manages the official member roster. Per Dave K, we ought to think about hosting the roster in our Google account so it will be accessible to our officers with LPARC.org accounts on the website. Dave is the website manager. Maybe he could give Vince a soft copy of roster?

We discussed building the protective box for the AE6KE duplexers. Mike volunteered to build it. He and Bert will go to the repeater site Monday to assess it before he builds the box.

A cheat sheet for programming was handed out to those with Yaesu RT-60 HTs. Cheat sheets for other HT brands are available on the Saratoga Ham Radio Club website, K6SA.net, under the resources tab, then near the bottom of resources list.

We will have a rag chew after each of our weekly nets and we will announce it during the net.

We also decided to add a direct communication function prior to our net. Starting at 7:10 pm each week, the net control station will ask for call ins on 146.835 simplex. Everyone participating should keep a record of who they heard calling in on that frequency. This will help us continue to assess how well we club members can communicate directly with each other.

The club has scheduled an EOC exercise Nov 2, 2pm-5 pm. The purpose is to practice setting up the station in our new facility and to send voice and packet comms using official forms. Bert will be a remote station to which we transmit. Dan and Penny to organize the frequency plan and other preparations.

Upcoming Events:

Those listed at SCC-ares-races.org for Santa Clara Co.

Oct 18-20 Pacificon 2019 at San Ramon Marriott , 2600 Bishop Dr.

Sat Nov 2, 2-5pm. Club EOC exercise at Loma Prieta School at our new room.

New Business: discussion on our EOC exercise

Old Business: none

Meeting Adjourned 2032 hours