2011-Jun-06 minutes

David, Jennifer, Bob, George, Austin, Bill, Ann

June 6, 2011

Burrell CAL FIRE Station

Open at 19:07

Bob presented his Wouxun radio - much fun and discussion took place.

Bob presented Amateur Radio and DART Communications.

(Disaster Area Response Team Of Los Gatos a part of the LGPD)

If you needed to be on Amateur Radio and DART you needed two radios-discussion of HAM radio was presented to the DART group.

Walter Cronkite discussing HAM radio - Check it out!

History of Amateur Radio - 1913 Call Letter Policy N, A, W, K - 1922 College Stations were given - Y - Stanford-W6YX and Purdue-W9YB

Different Licenses Classifications - Tech, General, Extra...

Radio Operations and Responsibilities - what the license holders can do...

Radio Spectrum - US Frequency Allocations - HAM Radio Band Privileges...

Antenna strength/gain - Don't put the radio in your pocket and if you are going to fix something on a radio - fix the antenna.

More power is always good and polarity counts!

NVIS - Near Vertical Incident Skywave discussion along with NVIS antennas

Equipment review and Parts of a Rig.

Emission Types

Radio Procedures - Tactical nets - Identification - What are nets? Types of Nets?

Bob will forward the slide deck to be posted. It will be posted.

Meeting minutes from the May meeting are accepted as read. George Motioned, Austin seconded, All agreed.

Treasurer's Report as Bill.

Bill has returned to provide the Treasurer's Report:

Balances from February Meeting:

$1771.79 balance as of last treasurer's report

$185.00 deposited in dues

$107.36 phone bills

$60.00 chase service fees

$1789.43 balance as of today

Club Dues - $25.00 individual

$30.00 family

Bob presented Bill with a $5.00 increase for the Davis family membership.

Equipment Status

AE6KE - Water in the wires - need some sunshine

AB6VS - Austin and Charlie fixed the antenna in the winter, there are some issues with receiving.

Perhaps we can meet on a weeknight to complete the work needed. There was much agreement.

Plan has been made to meet on Wednesday June 15 at 18:30 at AB6VS repeater site.

Austin stated the requirement for a side band was removed by the FCC

George motioned that we discontinue phone service on the repeater, a vote was taken and the motion was agreed to unanimously.

Austin reported the CERT - KC6TYG repeater will be back up and operational (all new equipment) by October.

Net control operators for June/July 2011 - Thank you to those who have volunteered!

6/7 AE6KE George

6/14 AB6VU Austin

6/21 KG6VMX Bill

6/28 N2RDU Jennifer w/county net

7/5 AE6KE George

7/12 TBD - any takers

7/19 TBD - any takers

7/26 N2RDU Jennifer w/county net


Cap sent out the Santa Clara County Performance Standards and Best Practices for review and reference. Please take a moment to read (training).

Looking for someone to help out with ARES coordination.

Any volunteers?

New business:

Bert will be teaching a HAM class at the Volunteer Fire Department off Summit Road. Every Wednesday through June starting

Wednesday June 8th 7-9PM

If interested please contact BBert at bbailey@stellarsolutions.com

We will not have a July meeting as hit conflicts with Independence Day.

The club will be participating in Mountain Residents Night Out on Tuesday August 2, 2011.

Our next meeting will be held on Monday August 1, 2011.

Old business:

Skyland Run Radio Support - July 2, 2011 - Please if you can attend-please let us know.

Bert and Vic volunteered to help out at the Skyland Run.


See ARES report and presentation by Bob.

Need Volunteers:

Board Appointment for VP - still need to fill.

Board Member - Role besides four officers - unfilled positions are no appointed by the board.

Great if some would step up with Training - light exercises or training for the meetings.

Looking for a liaison to the Santa Cruz County and Santa Clara County Emergency Coordinator.

CERT - Questions? Joint Meeting?

Learn more about the relationship with Volunteer Fire Department and LPARC (expectations during emergency)

Next Meeting August 1, 2011.

Motion to adjourn by George.

Meeting closed at 20:21.

2011 LPARC Officers

David Katinsky - President

***vacant***- Vice President

Jennifer Katinsky - Secretary

Bill Rose - Treasurer