2009-Apr-06 minutes

April 6, 2009 minutes

Minutes LPARC April 6, 2009

Attendees: Kathi, Bill, George, Vic, Kay, (late) Ann

Minutes submitted by Kathi Larkin

I. Call to Order @ 7:35 pm

II. Moment of Silence in memory of Marc Ziegler

III. Previous Minutes (unavailable)

IV. Treasurer’s Report (George)

Dues Income of $105

Expenses of $16.80 (postage) and $33.40 (phone)

Balance at end of month $1158.27

V. Equipment Report (George and Vic)

3/28 Shack Cleanup included Vic, George, David, and Charlie

All are satisfied with the cleanup

George has a box of stuff to take to the flea market (or otherwise dispose of)

Packet stuff up at the radio room at the Loma School

Need to re-solder some wires

4/25 Repeater Parts Day at Charlie’s 10 am - AB6VS – non-functioning remote base

Austin is ready for 4/25 Repeater Parts Day

Also will install the weather station that day and do some antenna work

Note: 4/25 is a conflict for all who are also in Red Cross/MERC

4/25 is also Pat Tilllman Run in San Jose

VI. Net Control for April

We were on the air only once last month…we need more volunteers!

4/7 George

4/14 Kathi

4/21 David?

4/28 Vic?

VII. Ares Report (George)

George briefly ran a radio equipment survey of those in attendance

4/18 Quarterly Drill? George will let us know

VIII. Monthly Focus Item?

IX. New Business

3/21 Science Fair Report

David, Jennifer, George, and Kathi attended

Good turnout despite the rainy day

Jennifer made great posters on the physics of radio waves

David set up Morse Code gizmo that was fun and attracted some attention

Nominations for Secretary?

Jennifer Katinsky, no others offered

7/11 Skyland Run

Mark your calendars

X. Other business?

XI. Training

Don’t do what Kathi did!

Might be a good idea to lock your radio when at public events.

Prevents random buttons being pushed and embarrassing surprises next time you are on the air.

XII. Meeting Adjourned at 8:25 pm

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