2018-05-03 minutes

Hi Members,

Mtg called to order 1901.

Members Present: Kathy, Pam, Dan, Penny.

Last mo minutes approved.


May 8 Penny

15. Bert

22. Dan

29. Dan

No Treasurer Report

Equipment Report: having problems with AB6VU repeater last two weeks. NETS conducted successfully.

President Report: April 14 repeater shack workday was a great success. Dave courageously climbed the tower and removed the windmill which now belongs to Austin. A general cleanup was done. New door was installed and other repairs were done.

April 21, we had several members work in comms at the Sea Otter Classic bicycle event at Fort Ord. Bert, Kathy, Penny, And Dan who on Sunday was Net Control for the entire event. Great job Dan and we are very proud of you.

Coming events:

- May 12 is the De Anza Electronics Flea Market. I am monitoring the website as location has not yet been announced. We will be selling all the misc hardware we removed from the repeater shack. Please, if you have salable items, not necessarily radio related, call me and drop them by this week. Our club needs the money.

- May 19 Santa Clara Co SVECS is conducting a quarterly drill. We will participate from our EOC. Call me if you want to participate. So far Dan, Penny, Pam, Kathy(?) will be there. We need to arrive 1:00pm to set up for 2:00pm coms.

Phone tree lists of club members were handed out.

New activity ideas:

- Radio mobile car rally on our local mountain roads.

- Radio "tree" with simplex frequencies by which members can reach other members.

I met Steve Stearns, K6OIK, from Saratoga, who can contribute speakers for our club meetings if we ask him.

SCC ares/races website has audio tapes of 1989 earthquake traffic for anyone who wants to listen to them.

Training/Edu: Penny gave presentation on an emergency Dipole antenna that can be made from a length of coax cable and one connector. From YouTube Ham Radio-The Simple Coax cable emergency prep per antenna by Kevin Loughin, KB9RLW.

New business: please add will to LPARC mailing list.

Mtg adjourned 2015