2017-09-07 minutes

Hello All,

Meeting called to order at 1900 hrs on

Sept 7, 2017. Members present were John, Penny, and Vince(prospective).


9-12. John

9-19. Penny

9-26. Bert

10-3. Dan

We discussed not having had NETS last Tues. Equip problems? We need a second new battery for the AE6KE repeater. John to purchase it and install on Tues. John will conduct the NETS in future, if for some reason there is no control person at the time. Thank you John.

Treas Report: $574 balance.

New Business: Prospective member

Vince Duperron N8RSZ attended the meeting. He has an Extra license. We are very pleased that he will be joining our club next month and is encouraging others to become new members.

We discussed the upcoming Sept 14 County Wide Emergency Communication Exercise. The Sept 15 portion was cancelled.

Meeting adjourned 1940 hrs.