2011-Apr-04 minutes

David, Jennifer, Bob, Vic, Kay, Ann, Cap, Special Guest: Roger the Service Dog.

April 4, 2011

Burrell CAL FIRE Station

Open at 19:04

Meeting minutes for the February meeting were sent out and agreed to.

Meeting minutes from the March meeting were not available.

Deferred Treasurer's Report as Bill was not present.

Bill provided the Treasurer's Report:

No Treasurer's Report - Balances from February Meeting:

$1771.79 balance as of today.

Currently 19 paid members of which 3 are family.

Club Dues - $25.00 individual

$30.00 family

Due by as soon as possible.

Dues were paid in full by Cap P. David accepted the dues check and will get it to Bill.

Equipment Status - nothing new to report.

The repeater site is scheduled for clean up.

This is a May activities - Feed line repairs should be checked and maintained.

Assuming the repeaters are ok.

Winds have been active.

Net control operators for April 2011 - Thank you to those who have volunteered!

4/5 Bill

4/12 Jerry AE6I

4/19 George

4/26 Jennifer w/county net


No ARES Report


Bob presented on NVIS - Near Vertical Information Skywave - the ability to have farther propagation

- get out about 150-200 miles - maximum gain straight up and bounce back down from the F layer.

Bob will provide a .pdf version of the presentation to the club. Thank you Bob!!!!

Discussion of different 40 and 80 meter traffic nets.

Old business:

New By-Laws were sent out - Vote was agreed to take place at the April meeting.

Based on with a vote of 14 in favor and 0 against, the new by laws have been passed.

Radio direction finding antenna building party and Transmitter hunt - still need to be discussed.

Possible we meet up with Fremont or another club to participate in their Fox Hunt.

Community Science Fair - March 12 - LPARC was represented.

Skyland Run Radio Support - July 2, 2011 - Please if you can attend-please let us know.


David presented training about Chapter Five: ARES Principles of Disaster Communications.

This information can be found on the Santa Cruz County ARES website.

Any topics which people want to discuss for the future? Any suggests please let us know.

Participate in Field Day? - Choices:

WVARA - will be at Mora Hill

W6HUL - Morgan Hill EOC

Cal Fire Training Facility in Ben Lomand

Need Volunteers:

Board Appointment for VP - still need to fill.

Board Member - Role besides four officers - unfilled positions are no appointed by the board.

Great if some would step up with Training - light exercises or training for the meetings.

Looking for a liason to the Santa Cruz County and Santa Clara County Emergency Coordinator.

CERT - Questions? Joint Meeting?

Learn more about the relationship with Volunteer Fire Department and LPARC (expectations during emergency)

New Business:

Jennifer needs to follow up with Mrs. Sermon about radios which she has available.

Next Meeting May 2, 2011.

Motion to adjorn by Kay.

Meeting closed at 20:25.

Monthly focus item - What do we have planned for this year?

Jan - Discuss of what we what to do this year.

Feb - Options for Field Day

Mar - Participation for Field Day

Apr - MNN article direct mailings for Field Day

May - Repeater work day

Jun - Field Day - last full weekend in Jun.

Jul - BBQ and Antenna Building Party

Aug - Nominating - National Night Out

Sep - Fox/Tee Hunt

Oct - Special Event - Not doing this event.

Nov - Elections

2011 LPARC Officers

David Katinsky - President

***vacant***- Vice President

Jennifer Katinsky - Secretary

Bill Rose - Treasurer