2010-Feb-01 meeting

George, David, Jennifer, Kathi, Cloud, Hannah, Bill, Jim Shannon, Roy Nunn, Stefan Nunn, Kent Sterner, Peggy Upperly, Kevin Upperly, Vic

Open at 7:35

Meeting minutes for the January meeting were discussed - David posted information on the webpage.

Bill (William) provided the Treasurer's Report:

$1913.41 balance as of today.

$ 34.90 phone bill

$ 210.00 deposit of dues

$ 700.00 deposit from George for weather station.

Why do we have long distance? Need to determine the local boundaries for our phone.

David researched:

Local service is a 12 mile radius according to Verizon.

Various long distance plans.

Need a copy of the phone bill to determine what we subscribe too.

Bill will forward bill to David.

50% of dues collected as of today.

Equipment Status

Weather station was removed/purchased by George and moved to his home.

AE6KE ARES repeater is still in its not quite repaired state - George will take the machine to Jeff Leiberman in Ben Lomand

to install a PL encoder board to put a subautible tone. There is another repeater on the same frequency but with a different PL.

Jeff will also be making some modifications to the repeater. This will happen starting a week from Thursday.

David gave George the DVR to give to Austin to install.

Bert Bailey providing HAM radio classes for those interested. 1/20, 1/27, 2/3, 2/17, 3/3, 3/10 from 7PM-9PM at LPFR on Old Summit Road.

Net control operators for February

2/2 Jennifer

2/9 George

2/16 Kathi

2/23 Cloud

Kathi will take the county net February 23,2010.


Santa Clara County Wide Drill last Saturday - Topic on Flooding - all done on packet. George successfully sent packet messages to the BBS

but were never official acknowledged.

2/20 - Intro to Emergency Communications - Site to be determined.

Monthly Focus Item - Field Day - June 25-27

Explore if we can join the Santa Cruz.

CDF Training Site on Empire Grade

Vic to follow up with Santa Cruz Club.

Discussion about what Field Day is all about.

New business:

Cloud suggested a trip to the repeaters - a discussion happened on which repeater would be best and it was determined that Charlie's house

would be best. (Cloud should pester David until date is made.)

George presented a collection of books and items from Mark for the purchase and taking. George says we all have to take something.

Old business:

How to build a suitable antenna - something that we could all do together outside this room.

David found documentation on a steel tape and pvc antenna and presented it. David hopes to present a prototype at next meeting.

Vic presented his directional antenna. Highly directional portable antenna. Discussion of directional finding and the idea of Fox Hunt activity.

David will present the link for the steel tape antenna with the meeting minutes.

Training - GO KIT - equipment you need to go out on an emergency assignment.

Santa Clara has different versions of kits online. George handed out Santa Clara ARES/RACES Go Kit Check List and the Messaging forms that should be

kept in the GO KIT. George requests that everyone brings their version of a GO KIT to the next meeting.

Discussion about Loma ARES-We are tied to Santa Cruz ARES but serve as a center point for both Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties.

Motion to adjorn. 8:46

Monthly focus item - What do we have planned for this year?

Jan - Discuss of what we what to do this year.

Feb - Options for Field Day

Mar - Participation for Field Day

Apr - MNN article direct mailings for Field Day

May - Repeater work day

Jun - Field Day - last full weekend in Jun.

Jul - BBQ and Antenna Building Party

Aug - Nominating - National Night Out

Sep - Fox/Tee Hunt

Oct - Special Event

Nov - Elections

2010 LPARC Officers

David Katinsky - President

Kathi Larkin - Vice President

Jennifer Katinsky - Secretary

Bill Rose - Treasurer