2013-Dec-05 minutes

Minutes of LPARC December 2013 Meeting

1. Meeting called to order at 07:06 PM on 05 December 2013 in the firehouse office, as we had not been invited to dinner.

2. Attendees: George Smith, Gary Watson, Jeff Miller and David Katinsky

3. November 2013 meeting minutes were approved, after correcting attendee list to include Gary Watson rather than David Watson.

4. No treasurer's report.

5. Net controls for December: 12/10 Austin, 12/17 George. No nets on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve

6. Equipment Status: OK

7. Old business: Gary Watson, k6pdl, has agreed to become the EC for Loma Prieta. George and Gary agreed to meet on 12/6 to tour the ae6ke repeater and community center radio room. (Cap subsequently submitted the appointment request to the Section Manager, who will make it official - sooner or later.)

8. With a somewhat dubious quorum, we elected the slate of officers nominated at the last meeting: George Smith, President; Austin Lesea, VP; Kathi Larkin, Secretary; Bill Rose, Treasurer; and David Katinsky, Board Member at large.

9. Meeting adjourned rather quickly. Next meeting is January 2. Bring your dues!

Tardily submitted by

George Smith