2011-Jan-03 minutes

David, Jennifer, Hannah, Bill, Ann, Charlie, Leon, Bob

Open at 19:06

Meeting minutes for the December meeting were read and agreed to.

Need Volunteers:

Board Appointment for VP - still need to fill.

Board Member - Role besides four officers - unfilled positions are no appointed by the board.

Great if some would step up with Training - light exercises or training for the meetings.

Looking for a liaison to the Santa Cruz County and Santa Clara County Emergency Coordinator.

Bill (William) provided the Treasurer's Report:

$1807.54 balance as of today.

$ 35.59 December phone bill

$ 185.00 deposit of dues

Currently 10 paid members:

Club Dues - $25.00 individual

$30.00 family

Due by as soon as possible.

Equipment Status

Nothing to report - no news is good news. Winds have been active.

Net control operators for December

1/4 David

1/11 Bill

1/18 George (by proxy-Jennifer to back up)

1/25 Jennifer w/county net

2/1 Charlie


No information beyond what was provided by George last month.

Santa Clara County Packet Level Part A - January 8, 2011 - in Sunnyvale.

Santa Clara ARES website -

Santa Cruz ARES website -

Old business:

Ideas for the club going forward:

Guest speakers at our meetings -

Santa Clara Lookout Program -

History of the Club Presentation

CERT - Questions? Joint Meeting?

Learn more about the relationship with Volunteer Fire Department and LPARC (expectations during emergency)

Training topics for the meetings

Any ideas for training topics - protocol training - served agencies - shelter drill in the march time would

the club want to participate -

Out of area communications - NVIS type systems - Near Vertical Incident - If everything else goes...

Radio direction finding antenna building party and

Transmitter hunt - discuss in March.

Establish a date and make it happen.

Contest participation - as a club - make an effort in participating?

Charlie presented his collection of keys - the oldest was made by Bunnell in New York.

Community Service - Skyland Run - Fire Department and

Existing By-Laws - still need to put out for vote.

Will look at membership standing in February and do the needed work to wrap up the new by laws.

Suggestion was made to provide notice via email out at least 3 days prior to the meeting so we would have the

required time for announcement of the vote.

New Business:

Lifetime membership? Asked by a member. Should be considered at a future board meeting. Right now does not exist

but the by laws would be amended.

Jennifer to contact MNN to change time and date schedule for meetings.


No training.

Any topics which people want to discuss for the future? Any suggests please let us know.

Motion to adjourn by Hannah.

Meeting closed at 20:03.

Monthly focus item - What do we have planned for this year?

Jan - Discuss of what we what to do this year.

Feb - Options for Field Day

Mar - Participation for Field Day

Apr - MNN article direct mailings for Field Day

May - Repeater work day

Jun - Field Day - last full weekend in Jun.

Jul - BBQ and Antenna Building Party

Aug - Nominating - National Night Out

Sep - Fox/Tee Hunt

Oct - Special Event - Not doing this event.

Nov - Elections

2011 LPARC Officers

David Katinsky - President

***vacant***- Vice President

Jennifer Katinsky - Secretary

Bill Rose - Treasurer