Serving the Los Gatos Mountains community with emphasis on emergency preparedness and response

AB6VU 440.550MHz+       AE6KE 146.835MHz-      KC6TYG 440.650MHz+     all with CTCSS 94.8

Net control volunteers 

12/12 Dan

12/19 Pam

12.26 Penny

1/2 Kathy

Net on KC6TYG, 440.650 MHz this month. Net control, please announce this information on AE6KE just prior to the net time.

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Club information

Monthly meetings

Club meetings are normally held the first Thursday of each month at the Community Center at Loma Prieta Scool next to Building Blocks at 23845 Summit Road Los Gatos, Ca. Meetings start at 7:00 PM and usually last about an hour. the  meetings are also held on Webex.

Weekly nets

The LPARC ARES & club net is conducted each Tuesday at 7:15PM on the KC6TYG on 440.650  with a PL of 94.8 Hz with a positive offset. We also have two other repeaters AB6VU & AE6KE .  The Santa Cruz County ARES net is conducted on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 7:30PM on WB6ECE repeater network . Complete information is available from the Santa Cruz County ARES web pages.

Other local nets of interest to our members

Loma Prieta Amateur Radio Club

2024 Club Officers

                       President: Penny Allen KM6JUO                                                                        Vice President: Tammy Snyder KD6DQW

Secretary:  Kathy Adams KD6SEI                                                                        Treasurer: Dan Pugh KM6GNG