2016-Nov-03 minutes

Nov 03, 2016 LPARC Minutes


Bert Bailey, KG6MBA, Vice President

Gary Watson, K6PDL, ARES EC

John Yontz, KA6HCG, Member

Ron Morin, KK6YZU, Secretary

Austin Lesea, AB6VU, President

Bill Rose, KG6VMX, Treasurer

Penny Allen, Guest


Austin called the meeting to order at 7:06PM.

Treasurer’s Report

• Bill reported that the club current balance is $840.23

• Dues are due at the end of this year: $25.00 individual / $30.00 family


08 Nov16 Bert

15 Nov16 Bill

22 Nov16 John

29 Nov16 Austin


• It was discovered the AB6VS repeater batteries were dead, the repeater

and link transmitter were unplugged. Bert will go up to investigate

further next week. Expect to have AB6VS up again next week.

• KC6TYG repeater is working fine with a replaced board (Alex’s machine).

• Bert and John built shelving for the cabinet they had previously

purchased at an equipment auction.

• Bert will contact the school to obtain permission for installing cabinet,

obtain combination for the lock on the portable building, obtain alarm

code, if needed.

• Work party request - Dec. 3rd – Saturday, 10:00am, meet at the school

1. To mount the cabinet to the wall in the portable building at the


2. Route cables for antennas on roof

3. Build a platform

4. Move sandbags to the roof for antennas

ARES EC Report

• Gary will send out a separate e-mail with the minutes from the Santa Cruz County ARES Combined Meeting held Oct. 29th.

President’s Report

• N/A


• Bert to provide upcoming discussions on: Activation, Call-up and

Incident Command System

• Also can go to the FEMA site for ICS training

New Business

• Nominations for 2017:

o President – Bert

o VP – John

o Secretary – Ron

o Treasurer – Bill

o EC – Gary

o Floating Board Member – Dave

o Past President - Austin

Old Business

• Issue a new phone tree – Gary volunteered – (in process)

• Go on-line to Santa Cruz ARES site and add our contact information – All

• Write procedures for activation – Gary volunteered – (in process)


The meeting was adjourned at 08:00 PM.