2018-09-06 minutes

Meeting CTO 1900 hours.

Members present: Dan Kathy Bert Will Pam Penny.


Sept 11. Bert

18. Dan

25 Pam

Oct. 2. Penny

Treas Rpt: none

Equip Rpt: the wiring for the repeater link is working. Bert recommended building a PC board for replacing the cinch blocks.

Both new transceivers have been programmed, as well as the laptop;

and laptop was updated with Windows 10.

Pres Rpt: Since the last meeting I attended four functions.

RDF Search and Locate Mini Drill, XSC Quarterly Drill, MRNO event, and Yellow Command.


Sept 12-16 Santa Cruz Co Fair

Sept 15 Cross Band Repeating/Antenna Fundamentals

Oct 19-21 Pacificon

Nov 17 Message Passing Class in Sunnyvale

And TBD, Ray Wentz of SLVARC will teach a general license class,

probably first Mon in Oct for 6 successive weeks. 2 hour sessions will be held at St Andrews Episcopal Church in Ben Lomond. No charge.

Training/Edu: we discussed the Yellow Command exercise held today.

New Business: Bert is looking into having the old transceivers repaired so we can have them for backups.

Old Business: 95033

Adjourned 2017.