2021-Jun-03 minutes

LPARC Meeting Minutes 6/3/2021

Meeting called to order 19:05


KM6JUO Penny call in user 3


KD6SEI Kathy call in user 4


KM6MBA Bert call in user 1

AC6E Mike Meyers


George Smith

Motion to approve last weeks meeting minutes approved.

Penny reviewed last week's meeting

Net assignments:


06/8 Mike

06/15 Bert

06/22 Pam

06/29 Dan SVECS net

Treasurer's Report:

$3359.49 last month.

$3076.60 this month.

Equipment Report:

AB6VU we now have a new transceiver that Dan has done the cabling and modification

to test it this Saturday. We can then install it in the AB6VU site.

KC6TYG controller were tested out as functional and can be installed at the repeater site.

The hardware and the software for the two sites will be identical, except for the call sign.

As soon as we are ready to install at site, others can join the site installation.

President's Report:

Penny mentioned about fund raising. Are there others with ideas?

Nothing heard.

We had our May 15th EOC exercise. The results were less than stellar.

We will be creating a maintenance schedule to keep the EOC up and running.

Bert installed the new software in the laptop for the Santa Clara Outpost


Bert suggested doing a SWR test before exercises at the EOC to insure

proper operation of the antenna.

Coastal and Santa Crus ARES are waiting on ARRL as to how to calculate

RF exposure of a radio station.

Upcoming Events / Activities:

June 23-30th Active Shooter exercise

June 26-27 ARRL field day 25200 Loma Prieta, Los Gatos

Gary Watson is the contact www.K6BJ.org

We will wait to July to have our next activity with

the other activities planned for this month. We can

possibly have a packet exercise in July.

San Lorenzo and Coastal area ARES have a bunch of

exercises, such as the Power 2.5 Exercise Sun Aug 1, 11:00 - 18:00

at the Sheriff's office on Soquel Avenue.

There is a fireworks 50 horse event. They are waint if the horseman's

association has a request for help.

New Business:

Combined in person meetings will be held at the EOC for San Lorenzo and Coastal area ARES

The Sheriff's office requires people to be vaccinated for entry into the Sheriff's building.

DSW registration will be required for participation in the activity.

Ham Radio Outlet in Oakland has closed. It has move to Sacramento.

September will be the Fire Departments barbecue.

Some of the swap meets are opening up, such as Nevada.

Maybe California will follow soon.

Old Business:

Meeting adjourned at 19:36 PM.