2018-Apr-05 minutes

April 05, 2018 LPARC Minutes


Penny Allen, KM6JUO, Bert Bailey KG6MBA,


Kathy Adams KD6SEI

Penny called the Meeting to order at 1900.

Acceptance of the last meeting were approved.

The treasurer, was not in attendance for a report.


Tuesday April 10th Bert

April 17th Dan

April 24th Penny

May 1 Penny

There were no new equipment purchases.

All repeaters are working.

Work party on April 9th , 9:00 am for repeater AE6KE. Action to find out how to cleanup Building AE6KE is in.

Upcoming events:

May 12 th at DeAnza Electronic Flea market.

Sea Otter Classic support.

New Business/Training:

Antenna J Pole presentation at the May meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 2000.