2016-Mar-03 minutes

March 03, 2016 LPARC Minutes


  • Austin Lesea, AB6VU, President

  • Bert Bailey, KG6MBA, Vice President

  • Bill Rose, KG6VMX, Treasurer

  • Jennifer Katinsky, N6RDU, Member

  • David Katinsky, N6RDT, Member

  • John Yontz, KA6HCG, Member

  • Ron Morin, KK6YZU, Guest


Ron Morin, KK6YZU, introduced himself to the club. Welcome Ron. Austin called the meeting to order at 7:04PM.

Approval of the February 04, 2016 minutes

Accepted without change.

Treasurer’s Report

Bill reported that the club current balance is $926.97, having received ~$25 in dues during the last month.


  • 08MR16 David

  • 15MR16 Bert

  • 22MR16 Bill

  • 29MR16 Austin


  • Austin reported that the KC6TYG repeater is back from the Manufacturer. It had a failed transmit board. The problem is fixed at a cost of ~$275.00. Austin will give the repeater to Bert who will reinstall it up on Soda Springs Road. (Note: Done & up)

  • The AB6VS extra solar panel is purchased and it was decided that John and Bert will make a mounting bracket for the Solar panel so that it can be mounted to the tower. The solar panel must be canted so that the angle off vertical is between 35 and 45 degrees.

  • The AE6KE repeater still has sensitivity problems. Bert reported thathe had contacted Cap Pennell to find out how to contact the county to get the repeater repaired. Cap stated that the Santa Cruz county radio shop phone number is 831-454-2025. Cap also mentioned that the county radio shop was in a state of chaos due to their best technician leaving. Cap recommended contacting multiple other hams to get the problem fixed. Bert will look into a reasonable and timely solution. There also was discussion that if the AE6KE repeater was going to be down for any length of time that the club requests that the county lends the club their portable repeater. David volunteered to host the portable repeater at his home.

  • Bert contacted Cap Pennell, KE6AFE regarding selection of recommended replacement equipment. It was recommended that HF capability was not required. Bert is still working on getting a list of equipment losses to county.

ARES EC Report

Gary was not available to make a report

President’s Report



Austin recommended to Bert that he put together 2 separate sessions to cover 1) the design and building of J-pole antennas for folks’ HTs, and 2) the use of a SWR meter.

New Business

  • Bert brought up the issue of what is the official process for responding to a disaster event. After a short discussion, 2 actions were determined. First Austin will e-mail Gary Watson, our EC, to determine who to contact in an emergency. The second action was that Dave will place the ARES application form on the club website.

  • Austin sent out the county web pages for emergency reporting. Note that Cal Fire specifically does NOT want any local calls – use 911!

  • Dave also mentioned that we should discuss at April 2016 meeting the idea of giving Charlie Norman an honorary life membership to the Club.

Old Business