2008-Apr-07 minutes

April 7, 2008 minutes

LPARC Minutes 2008-04-07

--- President David N2RDT called the meeting to order at 7:31 PM in the Burrell Fire Station

--- Attendees: Charlie AB6VS, George AE6KE, Bill KG6VMX, David N2RDT and Marc W6ZZZ

--- New members in attendance: Henrik KF6YBZ, Ann KI6OGJ

Minutes From Last Month

--- Minutes from the March meeting were approved

--- Minutes for past months are available in MS Word format at http://www.lparc.org/meetingminutes

Treasurer’s Report

--- Income of $50 from dues, $60 received for license class books, $200 expense for ham radio class technician books, monthly expense of $25.13 for the phone in the repeater shack (used for remote control and phone patches), balance of $990.23 at end-of-month

LPARC Business

--- A question was asked about how to schedule a practice radio session for the CERT members

--- Marc W6ZZZ to write a letter thanking the donor for the equipment we received a few months ago (equipment is in Charlie’s AB6VS garage and needs to be checked out in the next month or two)

--- Lots of discussion about the repeater replacement, various approaches and options.

It was specifically recommended and accepted that we should investigate a wholesale replacement for the AB6VS repeater system to include a new controller supporting two radios: 70cm plus a link to AE6KE on 2m. The motivation for this is to reduce risk of unreliability due to the age of the equipment and to improve maintainability. N2RDT has the action on this item.

ARES Business

--- George AE6KE went over various events from the ARES web page

--- George AE6KE moved the ARES radio equipment to the LP office

--- Marc W6ZZZ needs to mount 1 antenna on the roof (leave the second antenna for mounting on a tripod)

--- David N2RDT has an idea/plan on using the ARES equipment every so often to run the LPARC net

--- George AE6KE is going to talk with Jennifer N2RDU about being the AEC for training

--- Santa Clara County has 4 levels of notification (4=activation, levels 1-3 for lesser levels of alerts/emails)

--- For Santa Clara County check the Santa Clara County Resource Net: 146.115(+) PL 100, AA6BT

AB6VS LPARC Repeater Equipment Report

--- All okay reported by Charlie, AB6VS

Net Control for the local Loma Prieta net every Tuesday at 7:15 PM

--- The latest net script is available at: http://www.lparc.org/lparcares%26clubnetscript

--- 4/08 George AE6KE --- 4/15 Bill KG6VMX

--- 4/22 David N2RDT --- 4/29 Marc W6ZZZ

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.


Submitted by Marc W6ZZZ, LPARC Secretary


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