2019-August-1 minutes

Meeting called to order 1902 hrs.

Last month's minutes were approved.


Aug 6. Penny from MRNO

13. Bert

20. Dan

27. Pam

Sept 3. Penny

Treasurer Rpt: none

Equipment Rpt: AE6KE is working, KC6TYG is working.

Need to construct box for AE6KE duplexers.

Need to complete repairs of AB6VU.

Presidents Rpt:

The club is confirmed to have a table at MRNO and will do the net from there. Pam Dan Penny.

The July 20 EOC workday was held with great success. Our equipment works well.

Bert Dan Penny Pam(remote). I am concerned that we have only one key to the room and will contact Paul Harville to see if we can obtain more keys.

Discussion of MOSES system. (Mobile operations satellite expeditionary system). Santa Clara Co Fire has purchased two systems for $4 million. Our local state assemblyman Evan Low secured a grant for the purchase. Each is a dish antenna mounted on a 5x8 trailer which can be deployed into the field and set up in 15 min. They can be deployed in any emergency where local internet and mobile phone service is out. They each provide service for a 35 mile radius.

Santa Clara Co is the first in the state to get this system (Dec?) and has committed to deploy it wherever it's needed throughout the state. Puts Hams one rung further down the ladder

Kathy Pam Penny plan to attend the Loma Pioneer Club picnic on Aug 10.

In the garlic festival tragedy, Pam's daughter and son in law were both seriously injured by the attacker. Troy Towner has organized a fundraiser for "The Honey Ladies".


Please donate to our good friends in this time of great need.

Upcoming events:

Tues Aug 6, 5pm. MRNO at Redwood Estates Pavillion

Thurs Aug 8, 7pm EC/AEC council mtg at Santa Clara Co EOC

Thurs Aug 10, Loma Pioneer Annual BBQ at Mt Madonna Park. Will have RDF exercise.

New business:

Bert handed out Santa Cruz Co volunteer handbook of current ARRL requirements for training, class work, and capabilities for:

Level 1. Novice

Level 2. Capable

Level 3. Advanced Volunteers

Dan wrote up instructions to connect ICom 2730 to Kantronics TNC.

Old Business:

Per 18 July Santa Cruz EC meeting, ARES registration list needs updating.

They're considering becoming a 501c3 to get $ donations.

They use WINLINK packet (which is used in most of the state).

Penny. KM6JUO