2017-06-01 minutes

The June meeting was called to order at 19:04 on Thurs June 1.

Present were: Bert Bailey

Gary Watson

Penny Allen

Minutes from last month were approved.

Treasurer's report: At the remote EOC exercise last month, Bert was reimbursed for the gel cell replacement (minus $87 which LPCF will reimburse). Dan Pugh's membership dues were given to Bill.

NETS: June 6 Bert

13 John

20 Dan

27 Penny

July 4 NO NETS

EQUIPMENT: All three repeaters are functioning well.

EOC at the school should have multiple sets of ICS forms.

Discussion of May 20 EOC drill:

Our station was able to operate without AC power!

We achieved our goal of transmitting 3 voice and 2 packet messages.

AE6KE resource net

AB6VU voice message

We used the ICS forms

Gray will be getting a report on the county control station performance during this exercise.

What could use improvement: ICS form 205 (quick plan form) was not prepared in advance. It states the planned frequencies for use in exercise. Also the school station should have a binder with the necessary communication forms. And our club might have taken charge as NET control in Santa Clara county's absence during this exercise.

EC report: already covered.

President report: none this month.

New Business: It was suggeted that we have a club field day. It was also suggested that we participate in other clubs' field days. Ie the Empire Grade big national, annual exercise coming up the last weekend of this month.

Meeting adjourned at 19:45.