2010-Jul-12 minutes

David, Jennifer, Hannah, Bill, George

Open at 19:36

Meeting minutes for the June meeting send by both George and Kathi.

Bill (William) provided the Treasurer's Report:

$1835.41 balance as of today.

$ 35.33 phone bill

$ 00.00 deposit of dues

Equipment Status

Both machines are working and will be tested over the weekend with the Skyland Run.

Continued discussion to elevate repeater antenna 20 feet (AE6KE). Concern about additional feed line. Nothing has been done at this point, this needs to

be addressed. NOTE FOR NEXT MEETING.

Net control operators for May

7/13 George

7/20 Jennifer

7/27 Need to find someone for both nets

ARES REPORT- No quarterly drill for Santa Clara.

Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge - 7/31

Items for Mountain Night Out.

New business:

Skyland Run - Successful - one issue (medical-no medical on site). AE6KE might be better to use. Talk about linking machines.

We have been invited to participate at Residents Night Out at the Loma Prieta Playfield, Tuesday August 3, 2010.

We will participate. Jennifer to follow up with Robin Porter.

We need to get the new radio operators (CERT,MERC,LPFD) to participate in the Tuesday nets.

Not doing October special event station.

Next meeting August 2, 2010.

Old business:

No old business.


No training tonight.


No discussions tonight.

Motion to adjorn. 19:55PM.

Monthly focus item - What do we have planned for this year?

Jan - Discuss of what we what to do this year.

Feb - Options for Field Day

Mar - Participation for Field Day

Apr - MNN article direct mailings for Field Day

May - Repeater work day

Jun - Field Day - last full weekend in Jun.

Jul - BBQ and Antenna Building Party

Aug - Nominating - National Night Out

Sep - Fox/Tee Hunt

Oct - Special Event

Nov - Elections

2010 LPARC Officers

David Katinsky - President

Kathi Larkin - Vice President

Jennifer Katinsky - Secretary

Bill Rose - Treasurer