2018-02-01 minutes

Meeting called to order 6:58PM










Last month’s minutes are approved

Nets for February

Bert 6th

Dan 13th

Vince 20th

Penny 27th

Dues are due…

Dues may be mailed to Penny at:

17850 Old Summit Road

Los Gatos CA 95033

Last year Jon Yountz paid ~326.97$ for a battery for the repeater. Motion made to reimburse Jon.



Motion to reimburse Dan purchased an HP printer for ~55$

Motion seconded


Equipment report:

All repeaters are up and functional. AB6VU is back up and running as of yesterday. Local wildlife attached the shack.

Door is ready for replacement. Door is not of standard size, so replacement won’t be easy.

A work party is suggested to clean up and maintain shacks. Volunteers are requested for the second Saturday in April (April 14, tentative date).

President’s report:

Blurb for scotts valley news letter read to club.

Blurb presents a history of focus of club with a focus on emergency communications.

Vice President resigned (Jon Yountz). The position is open.

Question presented, what goals shall we pursue?

Build an antenna (Vince volunteered to present on horizontal loop wire antenna)

Build a transceiver


Dan presents on net usage and net structure.

Dan, please send nets documentation to David for post to LPARC website.

A list of local net frequencies should be part of your go bag.

Santa Cruz county voice nets 441.300 PL 100 an internet linked system

EC Report:

Bert is now an EC, officially, for Santa Clara.

ARRL is reorganizing ARES that will require greater participation with the ARRL.

Would like to see people from Santa Cruz county get their DSW (disaster service worker) badge. The county grants you coverage by workers comp, if you have this and are working for an event (get an event number). The resource net will give you the event number. In Santa Cruz contact Jerry Inman, to get the DSW.

We are invited to participate in an exercise on Feb 10, 2018. Hypothetical exercise concerns an aircraft crash in a park that will require activation of the EOC. Starts at 10AM and runs until about 2PM. Volunteers encouraged to go to Loma Prieta School at the EOC (look for multipurpose room with two antennas).

Dan to provide detail on proper headers for emergency use.

Fox Hunt ideas: Lexington Reservoir location, Mount Madona Park, and some others…

Suggestion to incorporate club as a 501c3. It is a lot of work to maintain a business…

Meeting adjourned, 8:15PM.