2020-Jul-02 minutes

Meeting Notes for Loma Prieta Amateur Radio Club 7/2/20

Meeting started at 19:03


AC6E Mike




KM6JUO Penny


KE6QZJ Scott

Motion to approve last meetings minutes at 19:06

July LPARC Net Control Responsibilities:

7/14 Bert

7/21 Pam

7/28 Dan

/8/4 Penny

Net to be held on KC6TYG

Treasurer's report

Bert to be reimbursed for expenses.

Bert spent $92.08 on low voltage shutoff solar panel module

Penny motion, Dan to second to reimburse Bert for these expenses.

Equipment Report:

AE6KE Mike and Bert went out to the site and got the box better sealed and

put in better cables between the repeater and the duplex unit.

Bert has moved the AB6VU batteries into the shack and installed the

panel controller/ low voltage shutoff so both panels are charging the batteries

The system function now functions.

Bert was asked KC6TYG link into other repeaters for weekly net.

Talked to DEC in Santa Cruz and he agrees the cheapest approach

is to get another controller, tranciever, and anttenna setup the same

as the AE6KE and AB6BU sites. This is cheaper than the Santa Cruz

approach with microwave links.

Scott asked what is the status of the linking of AB6VU and AE6KE.

The existing setup is linking and working.

AB6VU audio getting into AE6KE has been mproved with the cable replacement/upgrade.

We will continue on KC6TYG so that all of our users can log in to the weekly

net until we link KC6TYG with AE6KE and AB6VU.

Bert estimated that the cost to link KC6TYP with AE6KE and AB6VU will

cost approximately $1200.

KC6KDF was up at the tower last week for the weekly net, which explains

how clear she was. She still has problems from home.

Setting up her system with a mobile rig will increase the power output.

She has not yet had the time to set it up.

Electronics Flea Market scheduled for 7/11/20

It has not been canceled.

David and Jennifer are moving to North Carolina.

Dan has volunteered to take over the web duties that David is leaving open.

Club Logo:

Agreement on using the historical logo for shirts/vests, etc.

July 8th Fundamentals of Emergency Communications class in Santa Clara.

Sunday July 26th Coastal area exercise with Santa Cruz / Coastal groups.

From 13:00 to 17:00, exercise without AC power. This will focus on Radio

challenges in areas during PGE PSPS event while transmitting tactical messages.

Details and location will be announced soon.


Santa Clara County is determining the details of how they will

be conducting their classes. It may be in parks using the presentation

over ham radio with people following with printed presentations.

Headphones are required to keep the noise in the park to a minimum.

Old business:


Motion to adjourn at 19:49