2007-Apr-02 minutes

April 2, 2007 minutes

--- President David, N2RDT, called the meeting to order at 7:40 PM in the CDF

Burrell Fire Station

--- Attendees were Charlie AB6VS, George AE6KE, Bobbie KB6QBF, Leon KD6FAQ,

Bill KG6VMX, David N2RDT, Marc W6ZZZ and a visitor Richard Straw

Minutes From Last Month

--- Minutes from the March meeting were approved, minutes are sent to all

members via email each month

Treasurer’s Report

--- Balance is $601.18, expenditures of 24.47 for telephone at the repeater

shack, report approved

--- Yearly LPARC membership dues are $25/year individual or $30/year family

(and they are due now)

General Business

--- Marc W6ZZZ to investigate mounting brackets for the antennas on the LPCC

building (contact Tom Levenhagen), on May 13 (Mother’s Day garden tour) all

members can look at the situation, also we will try the antenna on a tripod to

see how that works low to the ground

--- David N2RDT has the new LPARC.ORG domain and web page up and running, you

can send an email to the radio club members or officers by using the addresses

AB6VS LPARC Repeater Equipment Report

--- A-ok, also the batteries are fully charged by the wind/solar system

--- David N2RDT is going to research repeater controller costs for future

budget purposes

AE6KE ARES Repeater Equipment Report

--- A-ok


--- On Tuesday 4/3 you can get your picture taken for an ARES badge at

Netcomm in the DeLavega Golf Course after 1 PM

--- On Saturday 4/21 there is a Santa Clara county ARES/RACES drill for MACs

(mutual aid communicators) and would-be MACs, see


--- The Katrina video was overcome by the refrigerator noise, for the value

of ham radio communications see


--- For the Santa Cruz county ARES calendar, see

http://ares.santa-cruz.ca.us/ and http://ares.santa-cruz.ca.us/events.html

Net Control

--- 4/3 Charlie AB6VS --- 4/10 George AE6KE (county)

--- 4/17 David N2RDT --- 4/24 Cap KE6AFE (county) --- 5/1 Marc W6ZZZ

The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 PM.


Submitted by Marc W6ZZZ, LPARC Secretary


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