2014-Jan-02 minutes

LPARC Minutes

Present: George Smith, President; Austin Lesea, Vice President; Kathi Larkin, Treasurer; David Katinsky, Gary Watson, Leon Milburn

George called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm

Approval of the December 5, 2013 minutes

David motions, Austin seconds, approved.

Treasurer’s Report – N/A

2 membership checks submitted to George, Kathi and Gary’s


1/7 - George

1/14 - Austin

1/21 -

1/28 - Kathi

2/4 - David


UHF is working well. Battery is charging, windmill working.

KC6TYG is live. Thanks for installing it for the New Year, Alex!

It had a problem handling the hot temperature in the box it is housed in, but Austin programmed it to muscle on through the heat.

ARES EC Report

Gary is signed up for EC training 1st Saturday of the month for the year. Still waiting to hear from ARRL. He will work with Cap to figure out a direction. Per Cap, we don’t have to change the repeater name to Gary’s callsign.

President’s Report - N/A

Old Business

New Business


Austin was able to download FLDigi, but needs someone else to do it, too, so he can test it.

Austin was able to ping KC6TYG from Burrell.

David motions to adjourn, Kathi seconds, adjourned at 7:37 pm