August 3, 2009 minutes
LPARC - Loma Prieta Amateur Radio Club

August 3, 2009 Meeting Minutes
Location: Burrell Fire Station, Highland Road

In attendance: Kathi KI6POY, George AE6KE, David N2RDT, Kay KI6POL,  
Charlie AB6VS, Ann KI6OGJ, Bill KG6VMX, Leon KD6FAQ, Bill Lowell  
KG6UXD, Vic, Cloud .

The President, David N2RDT, called the meeting to order at 7:37.

No Report from Secretary.

Treasure Report
    Income:     $00.00
    Expenses:    $33.68
    Balance:    $1128.00

Old Equipment Is For Sale!

Next meeting cancelled because of Labor Day. Next meeting will be on  
October 5, 2009.

Net Control For August
8/4    Dave
8/11    Kathi
8/18    Ann
8/25    George

Net Control For September
9/1    Kathi
9/8    Cloud
9/15    George
9/22    Ann
9/29    Dave

George reports the Skyland Run was successful and thanked the radio  

Dave discussed Mountain Resident's Night Out at Redwood Estates on  
Tuesday August 4, 2009. Dinner Served $5 by Nonno's
starts at 6PM.

Nominating Committee for Next Year's Officers: George Smith.

Special Event Station - October 17, 2009 10AM-5:04PM at the school to  
commemorate Loma Prieta Earthquake on 1989.
20 Meter band will be established. Special Event Call Sign will be used.

Introductions were helpful to put faces with call signs.
George passed out Lemon Cucumbers. He took a photograph of present club  
members and will show it to Trudy Maxwell
(Ex. Training Officer) when he visits her in Oregon.
New Business -

Meeting adjourned at 8:25PM.
Next meeting October 4, 2009.