June 1, 2009 minutes
June 1, 2009 Meeting Minutes
Location: Burrell Fire Station, Highland Road

In attendance: Anne KI6OGJ, Jennifer N2RDU, David N2RDT, Leon KD6FAQ, George AE6KE, Kathi KI6POY, Bert KG6MBA, Bill KG6VMX, Hannah.

President David N2RDT called the meeting to order at 7:39 PM.

Approval of previous meeting's minutes:
Meeting minutes for May 2009 - Approved.

Treasurer's Report
Income:         $25.00 dues
Expenses:        $33.68 phone bill
Balance:        $1146.19

Repeater sub fund of LPCF – Emergency Preparedness Fund
Available – not yet allocated: $1532.45

Equipment Report
Work Party on May 17th
New dual band feed line up.
Repeater system installed (and then removed)
2M remote base has a voltage issue. Austin is working the solution.
New controller is up on 440 Frequency  – separate from AB6VS
Voltage sags below 12.6 and shuts down the link between the two systems.
Not enough wind and sun to keep voltage up.
Suggestions:     Run off booster if capacity is available
            Get another solar panel
George made a motion to purchase a Voltage Booster at a cost about $140.00 + Shipping & Handling.
Solar Panel 80-100Watts –new $500.00-$700.00 – Perhaps by used or look for donation. Jennifer to follow up.

David to take field trip to picture document the electronics.

George discussed the weather station and gave a demo.
Magic codes will be sent out at a later date.
    Weather codes can be shared
    Auto Patch memories are not set at this point.
    Need cheat sheets for codes.

Net Control
    6/2     Bert
    6/9    George
    6/16 David
    6/23    Anne
    6/30 Kathi
ARES report
    Kathi went with CERT incident command, rapid triage and search and rescue activity.

Upcoming Events
    Fireman’s BBQ – 6/7
    Pandemic Flu drill – 6/18
        Scaled back  - No request for HAMS.
    HAM General Test 6/20 - $15.00 at UCSC
    Parade in Aptos – 7/4 – Bob Wiser is arranging volunteers.
    Skyland Run – 7/11 – We will help with communications. Request for Help made by George who is arranging effort.
Race Start 8:30AM. – Need 3 – 6 people
    National Night Out – 8/4
    August Focus – Officer Nominations

New Business
    Roster Update – George will send out.
    Discussion of repeater links to Monterey
    Mountain Biker provided frequencies usable through Soquel Demonstration Forest. – David to mail spreadsheet.
    Kathi & Jennifer to discuss radio skills class.

    SWR Meter – Useful for checking direct connection to antenna – indication of power going out vs. reflected back.
    Ideal is power going out and nothing reflected back.
    George demonstrated SWR meter with radio.

Next meeting is Monday July 6, 2009.

Meeting adjourned at 8:51PM.