January 5, 2009 minutes
LPARC Minutes 2009-01-05

   --- Vice President Kathi KI6POY called the meeting to order in the Burrell
Fire Station at 7:35 PM

   --- Attendees: Charlie AB6VS, George AE6KE, Alex K8ARK, Bill KG6VMX, Robert
KI6KLT, Kathi KI6POY, Cloud, KI6PGJ, Dave KI6USV and Marc W6ZZZ

Treasurer’s Report

   --- EOM balance of $933.76, Income of dues received $185, Expenses of phone
bill $31.63

   --- Report accepted

LPARC Business

   --- Previous minutes accepted as submitted

   --- Dues are now due, $25 for an individual membership and $30 for a family

   --- Repeater Replacement Committee: report presented by George AE6KE and
accepted, motion passed to spend no more than $100 of club money in
miscellaneous parts/costs for replacement activities

   --- The next meeting of LPARC is Monday, February 2nd (Groundhog Day)

AB6VS LPARC Repeater Equipment Report

   --- Charlie AB6VS reports that the batteries are fully charged

AE6KE ARES Repeater Equipment Report

   --- Still has that power restoration problem where the PL doesn’t work,
requires a manual reset to cure

Net Control for the local Loma Prieta net every Tuesday at 7:15 PM

--- 1/06   Alex K8ARK                                 --- 1/13   George AE6KE
--- 1/20   Charlie AB6VS                                  --- 1/27   Bill KG6MBX

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.


   - Submitted by Marc W6ZZZ, LPARC Secretary