November 5, 2007 minutes

    --- President David, N2RDT, called the meeting to order at 7:38 PM in the CDF Burrell Fire Station
   --- Attendees: Charlie AB6VS, Vic AE6ID, George AE6KE, Leon KD6FAQ, Jennifer N2RDU, and Marc W6ZZZ
   --- Guests: Kay Fanucci, Harold & Shirley Hoyt, Hannah Katinsky, Kathy Larkin, Kathy Tumason

Minutes From Last Month
   --- Minutes from the October meeting were approved
   --- Minutes for past months are available in MS Word format at

Treasurer’s Report
   --- First of month balance was $648.72, $50.47 spent the last 2 months for phone at the repeater shack
   --- Dues should be paid in January, $25 single membership or $30 family membership for multiple hams

LPARC Business
   --- December 3 (first Monday): next LPARC meeting
   --- Club election plans: current officers were re-nominated, members will vote in December.
   --- Discussion for our CERT guests on how repeaters work, where located, why they don’t get overloaded and shut down in an emergency like cell phones, how to get a ham radio license, how much handi-talkie radios cost
   --- Kathy Larkin to come up with a list of interested people and LPARC will schedule/give a ham radio class
   --- The class would be 4 sessions of 2 hours each for the exam, then 1 more class on radio selection

ARES Business
   --- A new AEC (assistant emergency coordinator) for training is still needed, see George AE6KE for details
   --- October 13: Santa Clara county drill was held, the 5-word burst communications method works well
   --- October 25: statewide hospital drill was held. Santa Cruz hospitals participated

Old Business from Previous Months
   --- Marc W6ZZZ to investigate brackets for the antennas on the LPCC building (contact Tom Levenhagen)

AB6VS LPARC Repeater Equipment Report
   --- The wind turbine has been sent back to the factory for repair
   --- The club needs to raise $600 to replace the repeater controller, we have a source for the additional $700

AE6KE ARES Repeater Equipment Report
   --- Nothing to report

Net Control for the local Loma Prieta net every Tuesday at 7:15 PM
   --- The latest net script is available at:" 

   --- 11/6 Vic AE6ID        --- 11/20 Charlie AB6VS
   --- 11/13 George AE6KE    --- 11/27 David N2RDT

The meeting was adjourned at 9:12 PM.
Submitted by Marc W6ZZZ, LPARC Secretary