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2011-Aug-02 minutes

David, Jennifer, Vic, Bill, Ann, Charlie, Bob
August 2, 2011
Burrell CAL FIRE Station
Open at 19:09
Meeting minutes from the June meeting are accepted as read.  Motioned by Vic seconded by Bill agreed.

Deferred Treasurer's Report as Bill .
    Bill has returned to provide the Treasurer's Report:
    Closed out account with a balance of $1753.75
    Closed out account with Verizon for phone.
    Charlie presented $4.00 for a check from Verizon from account.
    Balances as of August Meeting:

    $1771.79 balance as of last treasurer's report
    $   5.00 deposited in dues
    $1758.75 balance as of today

    Club Dues - $25.00 individual
                $30.00 family

Equipment Status

    Repeaters AB6VS - solar control or link radio have been repaired. Evaluated the feed line and antenna - no issue.
    Repeaters AE6KE - Water in the wires - need some sunshine needs maintenance on feed lines - wait for dry out and wrap ends with putty

Net control operators for August 2011 - Thank you to those who have volunteered!
8/2    N2RDT    David
8/9     Vic
8/16    TBD
8/23    N2RDU     Jennifer w/county net
8/30    TBD
9/6    TBD


Looking for someone to help out with ARES coordination.

Any volunteers?
New business:

    Labor Day conflicts with next meeting date - new date - Monday September 12, 2011 at 7PM.
    Discussion of Monthly Focus for Nominating Committees - need a committee - David stated he would be stepping down at the end of his term.
    Discussion to make HAM radio more interesting to others and gain more members.
    Perhaps to pull a list of all HAMs in the 95033 95030 95073.

Old business:

    Mountain Resident Night Out - Redwood Estates on Tuesday August 2, 2011. Set up at 5:00PM and Starting at 6:00PM.

    Training material through website - unable to with current service - need resolve. Can move from Google if needed. Look for service.
    Can ARRL host websites for clubs.
    Encouraged membership to ARRL.
Need Volunteers:    
        Nominating committee
        Board Appointment for VP - still need to fill.
        Board Member - Role besides four officers - unfilled positions are no appointed by the board.
        Great if some would step up with Training - light exercises or training for the meetings.
        Looking for a liaison to the Santa Cruz County and Santa Clara County Emergency Coordinator.
    CERT - Questions? Joint Meeting?
        Learn more about the relationship with Volunteer Fire Department and LPARC (expectations during emergency)   

Next Meeting September 12, 2011.
Motion to adjourn by Vic.
Meeting closed at 20:03.

2011 LPARC Officers
David Katinsky - President
***vacant***- Vice President
Jennifer Katinsky - Secretary
Bill Rose - Treasurer